Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Seven No-diamond Engagement Rings For Modern Brides

You might have different reasons to consider a non-diamond ring as your engagement ring. You want to experiment with the tradition, you simply want your ring to stand out from the ordinary or you...

Stack up Your Bracelet in Style That Keep Everyone Gushes Over

The generic definition- stacking is an art of wearing a number of bracelets together. Stacking your bangles or bracelets is quite a "thing" nowadays. Your wrist is a part of the body that is...
Why Do We Really Go To Restaurants (Except For The Food)_

Top 11 Reasons Why We Really Go To Restaurants (Except For The Food)

Sure, the main reason we go to restaurants is to enjoy a good meal, but we often forget how important the non-food elements of a restaurant are in giving us a nice experience. If...
Love Relationships

Relationship: All you need to know about it

“Believe it or not, men are just as much a mystery to women as women are to men”. Here are some of the tips for a perfect love relationship.
Jewelry as per your face

Your Face Shape And The Jewelry Choices You Make

“Every woman is beautiful. It just takes the right earrings to compliment her and the right man to adore it!” The skill of selecting the perfect earrings for each...
Must visit places before you die

10 Secret Places that you should visit

While planning a holiday we often make a list of places that we hear often about or see in television or social media platforms. The places to visit, being so famous, are...
April fool's day

10 Funny Pranks for this April Fool’s Day

As April Fool’s Day is near, you must fetching for ideas or pranks that you can execute. Of course, The pranks need to be cheap and less time consuming because doing anything...
10 most alluring places to visit with family in India

10 most alluring places to visit with family in India

Looking for some places to add in your list of alluring places? Want to go anywhere with family? Here are India’s most beautiful places to visit with family. These places would give...
10 office organization tips or tricks

10 Office organization tips or hacks to make work simple

No matter how tempting the idea of working in an office had seemed while you were still studying, once you really started working, there hasn’t been a single day when you haven’t...
Celebrity Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a celebrity : Pros and Cons

Who’s a celebrity? Well if I have to put it into simple words then a celebrity is a famous person or a public figure , especially from the entertainment or sports...

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