About Us

We are happy 🙂 to see that you are interested in knowing about us. We are just some normal human beings who love asking and answering questions. Without curiosity, there is nothing in the world. Even Einstein was curious to know about the force that led the apple to fall down, which later came to know as Gravity.

Curiosity is within everyone and it should be. This curiosity led us to create this blog/website which you know in the name of Be Curious – Depth of Knowledge.

This website started is November 2018 with just 4 members including me 🙂 and my friends. Later on, our team extended and we now have 8 members, all having their specific role. We all belong to different professions, but the common thing among us is the curiosity to know about the latest things and share them with everyone.

Be Curious is a pure entertainment website where we cover a variety of general & interesting topics. However, we also cover useful information too under various categories. Some of the categories we write are:

  • Entertainment
  • Celebrity Biography
  • Automobile
  • Cosmology
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Tutorials & How-to guides
  • Lifestyle
  • Latest Movie Reviews

However, we are not limited to these topics & categories only. Curiosity can be in anything and you should know about everything in this era.

Our writing procedure: We just don’t start our laptop and write about anything. Research is really very important in writing. First of all, we find the most common topic, research for that (online & offline), then write the content mixing our research & thoughts. After that, reading the content & sharing it is in your hand.

If you want to be a part of our team, check out our write for us page. That contains all useful information & the procedure to share your content with our audience.

After reading the write for us page, you can contact us anytime regarding anything. Just make sure you share something valuable and informative.

Quick Facts about our website:

Name: Be Curious – Depth of Knowledge
Team: 8 Members
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Contact: kartik [@] becurious.co.in

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