Travel Medical Insurance Know These Key Inclusions of Travel Insurance

A travel insurance plan takes care of anything that might go wrong during your trip and makes your trip hassle-free. Here're its inclusions.

Travel Medical Insurance

Amidst the rising uncertainties and medical complications, it is imperative to stay under indemnity cover irrespective of wherever you are. Even while traveling to a different state/country, it is essential to be covered under travel insurance, inclusive of travel medical insurance, so that you can enjoy your trip without any worries. A travel insurance plan takes care of anything that might go wrong during your trip and makes your trip hassle-free.

To help you with the inclusions of travel medical insurance, we have listed below a few of them:

1. Covid-19 Cover

A number of insurance providers have included COVID-19 under their travel medical insurance plans. Its coverage and the benefits vary with the sum insured.

However, a few providers offer coverage against COVID-19 even in their international travel medical insurance. If you are travelling amidst this pandemic, it is advisable to check coverage against covid-19 in your travel insurance plan.

2. Injuries During The Trip

The possibilities of accidents and injuries can arise anytime. You might get injured during the trip, meet with an accident, fall sick, etc. If you buy travel medical insurance, you can have coverage for sickness, injury, etc., while being on a trip. However, it is important to make sure that the injury or the disease is not a part of their exclusions.

3. Compassionate Visit

When you fall sick, you need your family members the most and want them to be by your side. Therefore, travel medical insurance provides a two-way ticket to one of your family members so that he/she can visit and take good care of you.

4. Interruption Of Study

If you are a parent and you are planning to send your child abroad for higher studies, it is important to buy travel medical insurance for them. It will help you reimburse the tuition fees in case your child falls sick or if there is sudden death in your family.

Studying abroad involves huge investment; therefore, it is not wise and affordable to let the academic fees get wasted.

5. Medical Evacuation

If you fall sick during the trip and need to be relocated to another place for better treatment, the insurance provider will bear the relocation charges. To have you covered against this, it is important to choose the best travel insurance.

6. Accidental Death

Unfortunately, if the policyholder dies while on the trip, the insurance provider pays back either the full sum insured or a considerable percentage of it.

However, the reimbursement amount depends on your policy’s coverage and terms and conditions. To avail of higher compensation, it is advisable to choose the travel medical insurance with a higher sum insured.

7. Repatriation Of Remains

In case of your untimely demise on your trip, usually, the insurance provider will make arrangements for the repatriation of your remains to your place of residence. Otherwise, if you are in another state/country, the repatriation of remains might involve considerable cost.

8. Dental Treatment

If you travel to a different place, you might face dental problems due to temperature difference or some other reason. The dental procedure in a different country might cost you a hefty amount, which might not be easy for you to manage.

However,  travel medical insurance offers compensation for your dental treatment, carried out by a dental practitioner. Depending on your policy, this might include examinations, fillings, extractions, etc. but might not include cosmetic surgery or implants.

While you check the inclusions mentioned above in your travel medical insurance, it is imperative to choose a credible insurance provider like TATA AIG. They have a team of experts and active customer care executives who readily assist you throughout your policy tenure. Besides, such insurance providers have a remarkable record of claim settlement ratio, ensuring speedy settlement of your claim after you have submitted all the required documents.

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