Top 6 Exotic Places In Thailand You Should Visit

Thailand is the only Asian country that has never been colonized by any European nation, this bustling city has everything for someone.

6 Exotic Places In Thailand You Should Visit

This southeast Asian country is one of the renowned tourist destinations for its opulent royal palaces, ornate temples, and pristine beaches. This only Asian country which has never been colonized by any European nation, this bustling city has everything for someone. 

This exotic Asian destination is known for its exemplary massage that is incredibly popular across the globe as Thai Massage.

 If you are also looking forward to an exceptional holiday experience in Thailand, besides booking a reliable hotel from Hotel Jules, here are some of the popular destinations that are worth exploring in Thailand


It is the capital city of Thailand that is known for its hustle and bustle as well as glistering nightlife. Packed with most of the attractions as religious, natural and historical, it attracts the people around the world for its marvelous offering as a shopping hub, floating markets, street bazaars, etc. revolve around the flashy nightclub and rooftop bars, many of the bars include cabaret shows. 


Beautifully nestled along the eastern coast of Thailand, Pattaya is known for its iconic beaches, religious temples, and unspoiled natural beauty. It is a retreat for any adventure enthusiast with a wide variety of water sports as underwater diving, snorkeling, etc. Popularly known as the Sex capital hub, walking along the bright street of Pattaya has its own charm. The exotic islands, serene beaches, clear blue sky and swaying Palm groves, what more could you ask for a perfect holiday?


This oldest province of Thailand is a contemporary mix of traditional culture with modern flavors. Krabi is an incredibly popular Southern beach destination that is renowned for its breath-taking views and surreal white-sand beaches. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with an array of leisure activities, Krabi is the best place to hop in. From exotic wildlife to forest-covered interiors and limestone cliffs, Krabi has many more things to offer.


A mountainous island boasting some of the best beaches of Thailand, Phuket is the heaven on earth with its clear water and high-end sea resorts. A pulsating place to spend a wonderful vacation, this iconic place offers a number of cultural attractions. Explore the biggest collection of shows, nightclubs, and bar at Bangla Road or indulge into spiritual blessings at Big Buddha, Phuket has everything for everyone.

Phi Phi Island

Known for its turquoise water and natural beauty, Pi Leh Bay is one of the most stunning bay in Phi-Phi. Spend a restful day by basking in the sun at Bamboo island by hiring a longtail boat. Also known as Ko Mai Phai, the captivating views of this island will make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy the diversity of marine life in its coral reefs with some thrilling water-sports adventure.

Chiang Mai

Known for its ancient temples, religious monuments and historic tales, this city in Bangkok offer Jungle Kayaking at Chiang Dao as well as a spectacular caving tour. Adore the beauty of the Meo (Hmong) hill tribe with a thrilling drive via Doi Suthep Peak. Drop into the ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam to explore the cultural heritage of Thailand.

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