5 High-quality Aia Files you must know about

High Quality Aia Files for thunkable, makeroid, kodular and Appybuilder

In this digital world, everyone wants to earn money through digital marketing. If you know something about mobile app development then you must know about Aia files. In this article, we will be providing the top 5 Aia files which will definitely help you in earning with AdMob (Mobile app monetization tool by Google).

What are Aia Files?

Aia files is a source code for App Inventors where we don’t require any coding to build an application for Android Devices. App Inventor is a block-based programming tool that uses Aia files as source code. If you want to share an executable form of your Android application then, share Aia file instead of source code.

Where to use these Aia files?

If you know about the Aia files then you must know where to use them. There are few platforms on which you can use these Aia files. These are:

  • Makeroid or Kodular – This is an advanced version of App builders among all the app inventors. There are various tools and plugins available which are required to build a high-quality android application.
  • Appy builder – This app builder is best if you are new in this block developing world. Mostly tools and plugins are the same but you can get advanced plugins in Makeroid than Appy builder.
  • Thunkable – This is another form of android application development with the help of blocks. Among all these, we suggest working on Kodular as among all it is an advanced platform with various modern tools and plugins.
  • App Institute: As the name suggests, the app institute is not an online instructor to build an app. However, it is one of the other app platforms that guides you to build a perfect app for your business. With minimal technical knowledge, you can build an awesome app.
Appy builder, thunkable ana kodular

Top 5 High-quality Aia files

You must be eagerly waiting for this section of the article. We have searched all of the Google and picked up some rarest Aia files you must use. Don’t forget to credit their builder as app development requires a lot of time and knowledge.

Here is a list of Top 5 Aia Files

1. Wallpaper app (Wallpocket Pro)

Wallpocket Aia File

This is a wallpaper app made for Kodular in which various categories of Wallpapers are available to make your smartphone look cool and awesome. Above all, this android application uses Airtable and Cloudinary for managing the database.

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A few salient features of this application are:

  • List of wallpapers according to the category.
  • Set as Wallpaper option.
  • Download Wallpaper.
  • Share Wallpaper without downloading.
  • Add to Favorite List.
  • Set as Lock Screen Added.
  • Set as Both (Lock Screen + Home Screen) Added.

What are you waiting for download this Aia file and Airtable Structure by Clicking Here?

2. Oso Browser app

Oso Browswer Aia file

This browser app is made for Thunkable. A well-designed UI is used in this application which is ready to steal the hearts of its users. In addition, A splash screen is also available which makes this app a high-quality app among all the apps. Most importantly, the translation of the web page is also included in this application.

Salient features of this app are

  • Incognito Browsing available.
  • Search-engine switch.
  • Home Screen Shortcuts.
  • Text/Voice/Barcode/QR-Code Search.
  • Add Bookmarks.
  • Browse History.
  • Multi-Tabbed Browsing.
  • Convert any web page to PDF.
  • Translate any web page.

Download this Browser application by clicking here and publish it after making changes in it. To sum up, this application is ready to gain popularity and make you rich in small time or over the night.

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3. Shayari Application

Dard Shayari Application for Thunkable

This application will steal the hearts of a romantic person. For instance, this is for who wants to impress someone with their Poetically thoughts. Most importantly, this application uses the database of Airtable. After making certain changes in this Aia file, it is ready to rock up in the play store after publishing.

Salient features of this application

  • Firstly, A splash screen added.
  • Secondly, Different categories are available
  • Uses online database (Airtable) to display and store data.
  • Admob ads are integrated.
  • Most importantly, it is ready to publish on Play store

So, Download this application source code by Clicking Here.

4. Dynamic Whatsapp Status Application

Whatsapp status Aia

Everyone loves to share Whatsapp video status. This application will work as a magic for you. Above all, this application uses Firebase and Airtable for database management.

Salient Features of this Application are:

  • Improved UI
  • Uses Airtable and Cloudinary for database management
  • Different categories are available
  • Update button included,
  • User can upload his own video
  • Advertisement included

Download this application source code by Clicking Here.

5. Workout Application

Workout Application file

This is a high-quality Workout application for fitness freaks. However, this application is made for Kodular platform. However, this application name is 7M workout.

Salient features of this application are:

  • Uses best and Improved UI
  • Workout Animation is also available
  • It also shows the number of calories burned with workout
  • Workouts for both men and women are available
  • Show how to do the workout with animation and by talk
  • Workout for different body parts
  • Show workout time
  • Shows the steps of a workout

Download this application by Clicking Here


In short, all of these aia files are high-quality applications. After making certain changes, these applications are ready to be published on Play store. On the other hand, Don’t forget to share if you like these applications. If you also have some applications then do let them drop in comments.

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