Is weed the real villain?

Is weed the real villain

Nature has endowed humanity with many wonderful gifts. However, there is something, which humankind has used for intoxication and getting high. Tobacco and cannabis (weed) are such examples. In addition, alcohol can also be considered as another of nature’s intoxicating endowments. As per, with the increase of abuse of alcohol and tobacco, the eternal question remains why weed is illegal in most nations.

History of Weed Illegalization

Weed Illegalization movement was started in the USA in the 1930s. A man by the name of Harry Anslinger can be held solely responsible for this event. He took charge of the Prohibitions Department in the US in 1929. Aware of tobacco and alcohol abuse, he tried to prohibit both of these items. However, he faced major backlash from the tobacco cultivators in the southern state and the alcohol-brewing gangsters in the rest of the country.

With a large department and nothing to showcase, the eyes of this person fell on the weed or marijuana. He started propaganda against weed armored with some made-up evidence and paid doctor’s statements. Of course, this whole event was funded by the alcohol brewers and tobacco cultivators, thereby making harmless weed one of the most dreaded drugs. 

Till date proprietors of these two businesses pay various research and analytical organizations to publish tweaked data about weed abuse and urge the renowned NGOs with monetary grounds to campaign against it.

Is weed harmful at all?

The answer to this question is complicated. When compared with its tobacco and alcohol counterparts its tales of harm seems negligible. Various independent research organizations have proven that weed does not have any carcinogenic effect on the lungs or any other vital organs. It also does not have any raging effect on the consumers as alcohol does. 

However, extreme overuse over a long period has proven some neural damage in some of the addicted candidates. The primary manifestation of smoking weed is an extremely sleepy individual who poses no threat to his or her vicinity. The effects of weed consumption are generally massive euphoria over a couple of hours as compared to a few minutes in cases of cigarettes.

In the modern world, almost everyone is aware of medical marijuana. While weed for recreational purposes is fun and all, it has proven results in the medical world a well. Many medical patients with conditions related to acerbic pain in any of the body parts. It acts as a natural painkiller without any major side effects.

Current Scenario in Weed Legalization in North America

After decades of positive research findings in favor of weed, many countries have legalized or partially legalized weed. One of the countries to have recently legalized cannabis in Canada. In Canada, many online stores are available, for example, weed online Canada where you can buy weed and get shipped to the delivery address, as well. Complete legalization of weed is not yet done in the US. However, some of the states have done it.

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