Why Should You Do Content Writing Courses to Rank Your Blog 1st

Content writing Courses

Like other write-ups, content writing for a blog post requires specific skills. To keep your readers engaged, you should think a lot about the structure of a content piece to make it appealing. You can support your readers comprehend the core meaning of your post by giving it subheadings and small paragraphs apart from a catchy title.

Your blog post will have more shares, likes, and retweets if people comprehend and like your post. Gradually, it will improve your blog ranking. You need to enhance your writing skills if you are serious about improving your blog rankings. 

I am going to mention a few tips that most of the institutes teach in their content writing course. The tips are as follows:

Think a lot before you start writing 

Anticipate the message you want to convey through your blog. Think a lot about the primary question that you want to answer, the primary concern of your write-up, and the reasons why people go through your post from the beginning to the end. You should note down the answers to these queries before you start writing content for your blog post.

Frame a structure for your blog post 

Draft a clear structure for your blog content before you start writing. Each blog post should have:

  • Introduction (to introduce your topic)
  • Body (write down the primary message in paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (summary of the main ideas of your content) 

However, You should write down all that you want to express in all these three sections.

Have a killer heading for your blog 

A compelling heading frame the entire page of a blog. Headings, along with subheadings, are essential for readability and SEO as well. Besides, they support search engines like Google to catch the main topic of a long post and show the same on result pages. Moreover, You should give subheadings in your write-up along with the heading if you want people to go through your articles. 

Write in paragraphs 

We all write in paragraphs, but every one of us does not use sections well in our writing. You should not note down each sentence in a new line. Starting a new paragraph should have a logical reason. In another way, every paragraph should convey its own idea or topic. Know what the primary idea of every paragraph is in your write-up and keep your sentences around it.

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Use keywords 

Your article must have relevant keywords to rank on any search engines. If you have no idea which keywords you should use, know your site well and search for the most relevant key phrases. You can use Google Adwords to find the most suitable keywords.  

Insert signal words in your blog

The use of signal words helps visitors scan your write-up and get the primary idea of it. In your blog, you should use signal words such as secondly, first of all, finally, indeed, in other words, for example, and surely, etc. Visitors get an idea about what things will be in the article, and hence, they get ready to read the entire content.

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Maintain the length in your blog post 

Ensure the content for your blog post should have at least 300 words. Search engines such as Google loves long content. However, a too long write-up is hard to read. Such a write-up can enforce your visitors to leave the page. Create a longer post when you become a professional writer, and you have a sound knowledge of all related to content writing.

Link to your similar previous blogs 

You should link your previous blog posts if you have recently written articles on similar topics. With this, your blog post will be stronger, and you will have an authority on the subject. Besides, it will help you rank your blog post on Google and other search engines.  

Link to influencers 

You shouldn’t be afraid of linking to other write-ups when you are building out your blog post. By connecting your blog post to other reputed websites, you increase your blog readership, and you have additional sources to expand your knowledge. Besides, it shows that you have done research work well before writing for your blog post. 

Ask someone to read your article

Before you publish your blog content, subsequently ask someone to have a close look at it. Request them to go through the topic and mark the part if it has any issues – meaning clarity, spelling, grammar, and relevancy. Remove those highlighted issues.

Keep it updated 

Your blog post should have consistency in terms of content. Whether you publish a post once a week/month, you should keep it. With regular updates, your blogging site informs search engines that it is live. Above all, You need to ensure that the content, whatever you publish on your blog site, is relevant, well-written, and informative. 


In Conclusion, Ranking a blog site on search engines is possible by following SEO techniques. With SEO-friendly write-ups, you show search engines that your content is friendly to them. Gradually, your site starts appearing on the first page and reaches the top notch after some time.

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