The Benefits of Service-learning Projects for Children and Young Adults

The Benefits of Service-learning Projects

We’re taught what are the actions we need to take to be included in the group of people who are considered good. In this article we will cover the benefits of service learning projects.

Straying off of the path of goodness can put us in the books of the bad. And that’s one of the bitter truths of the society we live in.

That being said, we’re taught how to be civilized amongst other things.

Excluding good habits like not wasting food, respecting your elders, and thinking before you speak, there is one more habit that should be included in the long list.

It’s called being involved in service-learning projects or community service.

Both share a similar idea while being considerably different. Service-learning means when a child applies the knowledge they learned in school so as to solve real-life problems the community is dealing with. On the other hand, community service refers to an activity where a child is allowed to help the community however they want, report it to the school and assess their actions.

According to research, the benefits of service-learning projects include children becoming capable of dealing with various situations in life through a continuous process.

Let’s take a look at a few benefits.

  • Children are full of energy, enthusiasm, and hope. These emotions can be channeled towards helping people which will make them calmer and gain a sense of working for a greater good.
  • Problem-solving at a practical level will develop critical thinking and other specific skills.
  • Each individual experience can be connected to what they have been learning in school.
  • Being around different kinds of people right from a young age will enhance their ability to make conversation and collaborate with them on various ideas.
  • They can become aware of the latest happening in their community giving them the encouragement to get to know more about what is happening around the world.

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Once the habit of serving people settles into children, they would continue the act for a lifetime, helping them through their college life as well.

 Before we move further, take a look at this quote:



For someone to emphasize the importance of active learning in the 1700s is such a big deal. It’s high time we catch on to the ear long gone.

  • Helping out people with their daily task or any type of situation they are in, will develop of sense of empathy along with being respectful towards everybody.
  • With empathy comes the ability to maintain relations with the community members.
  • Children are supposed to carry out discussions with teachers after their session which means the chance of developing a one-on-one bond increases.
  • Life is complicated, and it is vital that children understand how to deal with the complexities in life. One of the benefits of service learning projects is that they get better at it with time.
  • A lot of times coming in touch with people who belong to different worlds, so to say, makes a great impact on their personalities.
  • The classroom becomes more engaging with children sharing their experiences of the services they delivered. Various approaches to one problem can be gathered enhancing their knowledge.
  • Children are motivated to attend school more regularly, boosting their attendance rate.
  • Dealing with people can be tough, even for adults. So children need to learn how to be more tolerant
  • The ability to handle overwhelming situations in a practical way is developed which ultimately helps with managing their emotions.
  • Cognitive memory is essential and must develop at an early age. The benefits of service-learning projects include the development of reasoning in each situation.
  • It becomes easier for children to take a stand on what they believe in.
  • one-on-one bond increases.
  • benefits of service learning projects are that they get better at it with time.
  • benefits of service-learning projects include the development of reasoning in each situation.

You must have observed that it’s not just the studies that are affected in a positive way through such programs, rather the children experience a drastic change in their personal life as well.

Children are exposed to so many new situations every day that they might want to leave their shell behind. Such confidence can hardly be achieved through traditional learning methods followed in the classrooms.

At times, the carefree attitude that children grow up with sticks with them which might make their lives might not go according to a plan, which might make them weak.

In the end, humans are all about building relations, at multiple levels and several intensities.

And in spite of this predominant nature, we tend to be afraid of the unknown, which is why we are advised to stay away from strangers all our young life.

While we’re taught to be good, we are more often than not told about anything related to what makes us happy. Through service-learning, a child learns to be happy and satisfied with what they have. 

The benefits of service learning projects are many, leaving aside the ones that have been mentioned in this article. It is upon us to teach the new generation new ways of becoming better humans, individually. It is probably one of the easiest ways to lead a healthier and satisfying life in the future.

Schools and parents can come together to make such changes in the lifestyle that the children live.

About the Author: The writer is a career mentor and motivational speaker. Currently, he works as a Marketing Manager at St. Kabir Indian International School, Gujarat. The school ranks among the top CBSE schools in Gujarat.

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