8 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog

8 reasons for business blogging

Today’s era has witnessed a huge transformation in business models. Emergent of new start-ups, changes in business platforms and many more have made the world competitive. Nowadays, growing business online not only just means by handling a static website. Every small organization has its website but, do you think it to be enough? Obviously, No!! In other words, Today’s world demands something extra and here comes the need for business blogging.

Years ago, people were arguing about whether a company should have a website but, nowadays every company has one. As soon as companies realized the huge gains and potential benefits a blog could add to a company, the trend shifted to blogging.

There are certain factors why small business don’t blog such as:

  1. They are unaware of getting started from a technical point of view.
  2. It demands commitment which might sometimes be overwhelming.
  3. It can be difficult on a business blog to focus on specific topics.
  4. Coming up with new business tactics could be a challenging task.

Reasons why every company must own a blog:

1. Boosts Traffic on your Website

To promote and sell your products online, you require a way to attract the attention of customers. A blog plays a crucial role in performing this task. However, your website is not sufficient for promoting your products as it might not contain enough information to rank high. In other words, it meant that it would be difficult for customers to find you.

Most importantly, Blogging helps you by providing a secondary platform to promote your business by diverting traffic to your services through means of in-links provided by you.

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2. Creates a Community

Blog stir up conversations and attracts followers to build up a community. Subsequently, It opens an opportunity to engage and speak directly with the audience which could not be fulfilled just by having a website.

It allows you to exchange ideas openly and understand the needs of customers. By this, it provides such a customer experience by spreading business by words of mouth.

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3. Compliments your Public Relations

A business blog provides you with a way to build relations via cross-promotions and guest postings. It enables you to connect with other blogs via linking or promoting each other posts.

It even adds additional value to your contents and hence facilitates reader. In addition, It even supports you in modifying your business practices as per the need of the audience.

4. Provides Valuable Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial method to know about their demands. It could be obtained by reviews and surveys done over customers. But, in this way, it could be done over a fraction of customers only.

However, A blog provides an opportunity for doing so by providing a base for customers to share their thoughts which could be responded quickly.

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5. Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

People usually prefer sources which they believe are the authority on a subject. They would like to prefer high-quality trusted contents. Your blog would interest the audience as it will be filled with valuable and trusted contents. Overtime, it would attract more audience and can also become a go-to resource which they would like to prefer.

6. Target Potential Clients

Business blogs not only promotes your business rather it also creates potential clients. It not only promotes marketing rather it provides clients to know more about you.

Meanwhile, By introducing your services and challenges of the audience, you create an image of yourself in front of clients who may consider hiring your services.

7. Attenuate Costs

Blogs act as an alternative to adding contents to your website. It is even cheaper to manage and edit blogs as compared to doing so on a website.

Blogs don’t eliminate the needs of having a website rather, they complement your website by adding additional values to it.

8. Good for SEO

A blog helps with a number of things that are important ranking factors. When your blog contains high-quality content of relevance to the audience which is also being continuously updated, it improves the overall performance of your blog which indirectly benefits your business.


There are ample other factors why every business must have a blog. In Short, Having a blog is one of the best paths for developing a foundation for marketing, public relations, and your brand. If you are ready for this, then check out this article on steps to create an online presence. Once you get started, you will discover more benefits of having a blog.

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