Rory John Gates | Know Everything About Bill Gates’ Only Son

Microsoft's face Bill Gates' only son Rory John Gates born on 23rd May 1999 & is 21 years old with no instagram, fb, or linkedin account.

Rory John Gates Complete Information

The co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates & his wife Melinda Gates have one son (Rory John Gates) & two daughters (Phoebe Adele Gates, Jennifer Katharine Gates). Among them, Rory John Gates is the second child after Jennifer Gates. Rory was born on 23rd May 1999 at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

As of now nothing much have happened in the life of Bill Gates only son. Also, the gates family doesn’t wants their children to be in the limelight just like our Bollywood stars. Melinda & Bill Gates have always tried to make a simple family lifestyle.

Rory John Gates Quick Facts

  • As of 28th October 2020, Rory John Gates is 21 years old.
  • The net worth of Rory John Gates is approximately 30 Million USD comprising of Microsoft’s shares & other hidden income sources.
  • Rory is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 64 kgs.
  • Rory John Gates does not have any Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter account. All other accounts using this name are fake.
  • He lives with his family in their mansion Xanadu 2.0 worth $127.484 million (according to kingcountry valuation in 2017).
  • Talking about Rory John Gates’s education, he recently completed the Computer science and Economics degree course from Duke University & MBA from Fuqua University.
Full NameRory John Gates
Birth Date23rd May 1999 (24 Years Old)
Zodiac SignGemini
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington
EducationLakeside School (Schooling)
Duke University (Computer Science Degree)
Fuqua University (MBA)
Height & Weight5 feet 11 inches & 64 Kgs
Social Media ProfileNot Active
Net Worth$20 million
Marital StatusUnma

Important Events of Rory Gates Life’s

Apart from being known as Bill Gate’s son, Rory is also known for his poetry. When Rory was 10 years old, he wrote a 7 sentence diamante poem which was also published on, the Bill Gates Official Blog. Until now there is no poem of him yet.

It was the first time when Rory John Gates was in news related to his life events. After and before this, we don’t know anything about Rory’s life. Melinda & Bill Gates’ don’t want to give their child an extraordinary lifestyle.

Talking about Rory’s girlfriend, there is no news or signs of her. Rory isn’t much active on social media accounts. It’s hard to figure out whether rory gates really have a girlfriend or not. However, we will update here if we find some news related to this topic.

Recently, Rory completed his MBA degree from Fuqua University. Now, it seems rory will continue his father’s legacy. However, he can also start his own business if he wants to.

Rory’s House

As of now, rory gates is living with his family in their mansion located at Medina, Washington. The mansion is named Xanadu 2.0, after the name of the mansion Xanadu in the movie Citizen Kane. The film is entirely on the topic of “how money and possessions were unable to make a tycoon happy”. It seems that Rory’s father is much motivated through this movie.

Rory’s house itself is extraordinary in terms of looks and technology too. Just like the movie Home Alone 3 everything in the mansion is automated through wifi, bluetooth, and voice controls. This 50,000 square feet Xanadu 2.0 mansion is covered with water and long trees. The mansion itself has a wikipedia page too.

See some rare pictures of Rory’s mansion Xanadu:

Rory John Gates Car Collection

Cars have been favorite of Bill Gates from his early days. Just like the father, the son also has a great collection of cars. From modern-day cars to the royal collection, you can find every car inside the Xanadu 2.0. However, Porsche seems to the favorite one of Rory John Gates as most of the cars of the collection are from this company.

Some of the most expensive luxury cars owned by Rory John Gates are:

  • Porsche 911
  • Ford Focus
  • Mercedes 500SL
  • Porsche 959 Sports Car
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Tesla Model X

Rory John Gates Future Goals

The millionaire Rory Gates hasn’t disclosed much about his future plans. But he seems too much focused on his career. He might start his own business or can continue his father’s legacy. Also, Rory is much into charity along with his mother Melinda. We can see many pics of them on the gates foundation Twitter account.

However, many beleives that he will be the next face of Microsoft corporation. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment’s section.

Rory’s Family Details

The Gates family is not that big just like any traditional Indian Family. However, all of the family members of the Rory Gates are:

Father – Bill Gates
Mother – Melinda Gates
Elder Sister – Jennifer Katharine Gates
Younger Sister – Phoebe Adele Gates
Grandfather – Bill Gates Sr.
Grandmother – Mary Maxwell Gates
Aunties – Kristi Gates, Libby Gates

Rory Lifestyle

Being the only son of the second richest person in the world, there is no boundation on him. However, Rory John Gates lives a simple lifestyle rather than any celebrity lifestyle. Just like any other middle-class family, he got his first mobile phone on his 13th Birthday. Also, he is not seen in any news and doesn’t have any social media account.

The boy is simple just like his father and does not show off. However, no one can deny the fact that he is the future face of the Microsoft foundation. But, all this is about the future and we will see what happens next in Rory’s life. Whether he will continue the legacy or start something on his own. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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