Martian Lettuce Giveaway in Coin Master – Know everything about it before everyone

Coin Master - Martian Lettuce

Martian Lettuce is one among the 5 rare cards in coin master. However, you can be the one among your friends to get this card as a giveaway or earn it with my tricks. Read this article carefully if you really want to make this card yours.

Coin Master

Coin Mater is a socially interactive game in which players can connect with each other and play the game. As of now, they have got more than 50 Million downloads. The gameplay of this game is very unique. The game will make you remember the slot machine on which you earn gifts after getting some spins.

Some of the rare cards in Coin Master

There are a number of cards in this game. Some of them are very easy to find and some of them are just very rare and only some of the players have found them or unless they bought the cards. Here is a table of Some rare cards you must know if you are playing the game.

RarityName of Card
Very RareMartian Lettuce
Very Rare Barrel Tank
Very Rare Torero
High Rare Farmer Feng
High Rare Santa
High Rare Creaky Crow
High Rare Kettle
High Rare Satyr
High Rare Smoking Pipe
High Rare Mythical Tune

The list is of 10 rare cards in coin master. However, there is a number of cards in it. You can find the number when you play coin master game.

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How to get Martian Lettuce Card?

Martian Lettuce Card

All things are good about coin master but how can I get this card is the main question. Here are some of the ways to get this very rare card.

The Probability of getting Martian Lettuce card is high in-

  • Village 27,
  • Village 28,
  • (80 percent Chances) Village 29,
  • Village 32,
  • (60 Percent chance) Village 37,
  • Village 42,
  • (Highest Possibility) Village 51 ,
  • Village 63,
  • (50 percent chances) Village 87,
  • Village 102

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You can get a high number of the probability of getting a Martian Lettuce card in these villages. Make Sure, you buy some chest at these villages. Don’t’ forget to comment below if you found some rare cards.

Join some trading Group

If you are not able to get martian lettuce card in the chest then the effective way is to join a trading group. It is possible that you have a card which you don’t need and another player has a card you need. You can exchange the card. It is a profit for both the players. There are lots of trading groups available on Facebook and telegram. Join them fast.

Buy cards from some

If you also fail in getting a card from the exchange offer. Then, the next step is to buy the card if you really need it. I don’t prefer this as this is a waste of money but if you want to show off among your friends then a lot of websites are available on which you can buy some cards. There are lots of groups available on Facebook and lots of forums are available where you can find this card. Make up a step towards them and you will find your card.

The Martin Lettuce Giveaway

If you failed in all the options then the last option is to get this Martian Lettuce card in a giveaway. There are various websites available on google where you can find give away of Martian Lettuce card.

Here is a one.

Join this telegram channel, they give premium apks, premium account and most important the giveaway is mainly coin master cards. (Join Now)