Top 10 Largest Countries in the World

Top 10 largest countries in the world in terms of area

There are various criteria available to put the countries in the list of Top 10 largest countries in the world. It can be population or it may be in terms of pollution or it can also be in terms of area covered by them etc.

When we consider the criteria of area covered by them, here is a list of top 10 largest countries in the world.


St- Petersburg cathedral in Russia (Top 10 countries in the world)

Russia is the largest country in the world. The area covered by Russia is more than 1/8 of earths’ total surface area. Additionally, It is a trans continent country spreading in Asia and Europe.

Total surface area of Russia is 17125200 square kilometer. The capital of Russia is Moscow. The population of Russia is 146877088 which makes it to come at 9th position in world population.

It shares a border with 14 countries. However, major cities of Russia are Moscow, Saints Petursberg, Kazan and Ufa.


The second-largest country in the world is Canada. Additionally, It is the largest in the western hemisphere with an area of 9.984 million square kilometers. It is the country with the longest coastline of  202080 km.

It shares the longest border with the USA. The population of Canada is 37242571. The winter temperature range is from -15 degrees C to -40 degrees C. In addition, the capital of Canada is Ottawa, and the major cities of Canada are Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal.


The united states of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The area of the united states is 9.8 million square kilometers which is roughly equal to Europe. This area covered by the USA gives it a place among the largest countries in the world.

In addition, it shares its border with Mexico in south and Canada in north. The capital of USA is Washington D.C.

USA is third most populous country in world with population of 327167434. With highest nominal GDP of $20,513 trillion. The major cities include New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. And, It is among the places on which CBD is legal.


The china is country in south Asia . It is the forth largest country in world and most populous country in world . The area of china is nearly 9.60 million square kilometer. Population of china is 1.404 billion.

The capital of china is Beijing. However, it is governed by the community party of china. The GDP of china is biggest in world which is about $27,499 trillion. The northern border of china is stretches along Great wall of china. The biggest city in china is Shanghai .


Brazil officially name is Federative republic of Brazil and it is the largest country in south America. The area of Brazil is 8.51 million square kilometer. The 6th most populous country in world with population about 210 million.

It is home to largest Rain-forest, Amazon. The coastline of Brazil is about 8000 km. On the other hand, the capital of Brazil is Brasilia.

The major cities of Brazil are Rio di Jinerio and Sau Paulo.

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Australia is the only continental country in the world. On the other hand it is surrounded by water on all side. The approx. area covered by Australia is 7.69 million square kilometer. It is approximately double of the area covered by India.

The population of Australia is about 25 million. The capital of Australia is Canberra. However, major cities of Australia are Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.


The second most populous country in world with population of around 1.3 billion.

Above all, It is 7th largest country in the world in terms of area covered by them. The area covered by India is around 3.29 million square kilometer. The biggest democracy in the world. It is bounded by Arabian sea in south and Himalaya in north.

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The capital of India is New Delhi. In addition, the major cities of India includes Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Argentina ranks 32 when we talk about the most populous country in the world. Its area is 2.78 million square kilometers. It includes the most varied geography and climate in the world. On the other hand, the most number of Spanish speakers can be found here.

The population of Argentina is around 43 million. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and the major cities of Argentina are Santiago and Cordoba.


Kazakhstan stretched over the area of 2.72 million square kilometer over vast plain and highland. It is located in central Asia and is world’s largest land-lock .

However, the capital of kazak is the Astana and the population of Kazakhstan is about 18 million. In addition, the Languages spoken here are Russian and kazak and the largest city of Kazakhstan is Almathy.


Algeria is on 10th position among the list of largest countries in the world with area of 2.38 million square kilometer. It is situated in north Africa. However 90% of Algeria is covered with highly elevated desert. The main religion followed in Algeria is Islam. However, capital of Algeria is Algiers.

The population of Algeria is around 42 million. Its major cities are oran and Annaba.

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