• 8 reasons for business blogging
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    8 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog

    Today’s era has witnessed a huge transformation in business models. Emergent of new start-ups, changes in business platforms and many more have made the world competitive. Nowadays, growing business online not only just means by handling a static website. Every small organization has its website but, do you think it to be enough? Obviously, No!! In other words, Today’s world demands something extra and here comes the need for business blogging. Years ago, people were arguing about whether a company should have a website but, nowadays every company has one. As soon as companies realized the huge gains and potential benefits a blog could add to a company, the trend…

  • The Benefits of Service-learning Projects

    The Benefits of Service-learning Projects for Children and Young Adults

    We’re taught what are the actions we need to take to be included in the group of people who are considered good. Straying off of the path of goodness can put us in the books of the bad. And that’s one of the bitter truths of the society we live in. That being said, we’re taught how to be civilized amongst other things. Excluding good habits like not wasting food, respecting your elders, and thinking before you speak, there is one more habit that should be included in the long list. It’s called being involved in service-learning projects or community service. Both share a similar idea while being considerably different.…

  • How to prepare for JEE main exam and exam time strategy
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    Best Ways to prepare for JEE main exam in 3-4 Months?

    In this article, we will discuss the ways which will help you to prepare for JEE Main exam in 6/3/2/1 months. Here we will also discuss about the exam day strategy for JEE mains exam which you must follow. How to prepare for JEE Main exam in 6/3/2/1 months? Here are some of the preparation tips for you: Clear Basic Concept for both XI and XII class. Study More than 12Hr a Day. Set a Perfect Routine and Follow with Discipline. Perfect Diet while studying with Regular Rest. Make Notes whatever you Study Solve as many as Question Possible Take Regular Test of Yourself. Revise Monthly with Crash Course Notes(Summary…