Best Ways to prepare for JEE main exam in 3-4 Months?

How to prepare for JEE main exam and exam time strategy

In this article, we will discuss the ways which will help you to prepare for JEE Main exam in 6/3/2/1 months. Here we will also discuss about the exam day strategy for JEE mains exam which you must follow.

How to prepare for JEE Main exam in 6/3/2/1 months?

Here are some of the preparation tips for you:

  1. Clear Basic Concept for both XI and XII class.
  2. Study More than 12Hr a Day.
  3. Set a Perfect Routine and Follow with Discipline.
  4. Perfect Diet while studying with Regular Rest.
  5. Make Notes whatever you Study
  6. Solve as many as Question Possible
  7. Take Regular Test of Yourself.
  8. Revise Monthly with Crash Course Notes(Summary in single Page)  

What you have to follow?

This is only for JEE Main and Advance with 250+ Marks. Just follow your time table regularly so that you don’t get puzzle while you Study and complete your Task in time.

You have to complete NCERT Book 2 time, before starting any other book. After that you can go for Refresher Books (HC Verma (Physics), RD Sharma (Maths), OP Tandon, P Bhadur (Chemistry)). I’m not from Bio stream so I don’t know about the book.

When you complete your one or two topics then revise before getting sleep at last and after waking up in the next morning. So that it gets into your Brain permanently. And always change your subject in 2 days so that you won’t get bore with it. Do 3hr Set one Subject (Phy,Chem,Bio) each and Give 4hr to Math because it require more practice and concentration in it.

Before Starting you should make a proper time table according to your loving subject because you can’t force anybody for studying there way. Give rest for 10min in every 1 and half hours for peacefulness.


  • HC Verma Concept of Physics Part 1.
  • HC Verma Concept of Physics Part 2.
  • IIT JEE Physics by D.C. Pandey.


  • Chemistry for JEE Main – By Seema Saini
  • TARGET JEE Main 2018 (16 Solved Papers 2002-2017 + 10 Mock Tests) with 18 Online JEE Main Past Papers ebook 18th Edition- Disha Experts
  • Concepts of Organic Chemistry- O P Tandon


  • IIT Mathematics For JEE Main & Advanced (Set of 2 Volumes) By M L Khanna,
  • A Master Resource Book in MATHEMATICS for JEE Main by Prafull K Agarwal,
  • Differential Calculus by A Das Gupta.
  • Class 11th and 12th R D Sharma.

Make a plan sheet.

Time management is important part to form short-term and long-term goals. Above mentioned books will be important for covering maximum part in each subject. They will also help by constantly testing oneself.

Don’t do the mistake of overlooking the Board exams while preparing for the competitive exams.

Many students make the mistake of ignoring the Boards and give more preference to others. Thus, making their admission criteria more difficult. Remember, it’s important to score the minimum percentage in your boards too. To be considered for admissions in top college, both ranking in JEE and Boards exam will help.

Above all syllabuses are more or less the same, so better focus on both. Time your tests. Skill to complete paper on/before time is a skill that will only come if you have practiced enough. Always remember, Practice brings accuracy and accuracy brings speed. However, in every competitive exam you face, time management matters the most.

Always keep Positive attitude towards your preparation

Exam day strategy for JEE Main

The most important aspect to prepare for JEE Main exam is to keep positive and to-do attitude.

Go to the exam hall with the thought that “I have done all my study & practice at my best and it is the time to perform best and prove myself”. Don’t let any negative thoughts to come in your mind and disturb you.

Most of the exam aspirants thinks about the portion they have left while studying. They might also think about the portions for which they’re not confident enough. They think “if questions come from this portion then I will not be able to solve”.

Be relaxed because even if you score 60% marks, still you will get the best branch in the best NITs. Don’t worry about the difficulty of the paper. Even if the paper will be difficult then the cut off will be low and you can easily crack it. Just try to stay relaxed and attempt the exam just like your daily routine.

Keep up to date with the official notifications.

The JEE papers have gone through major changes in the past, so keep an eye on updates. The important notifications must not go away from your eyes.

These exams are crucial for your future, so it’s good for you to distance yourself from things that might distract your preparations. However, this should not be confused with complete isolation from other things.

With regular practice, focus and a determined mind you can easily tackle JEE. Don’t lose sight of your goals, at the same time remember to cut yourself some slack too. These exams are only for showing to society, they can’t decide your personal worth, but your mind and thinking can.

Best of luck!

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