5 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Beginners Does

Most Common Beginners Blog Mistakes

Some people choose to blog as a passion and some choose it to create a passive income source. If you are the one who chooses blogging to just make instant money, then you made a mistake. I am not saying that you can’t make money with blogging. But, it will take time to establish bog and earn from it.

Sabar Ka Fal Meetha Hota Hai” Just like in every case, it is also true in blogging. If you are new to this field then make sure you should read about it in detail. In this article, we will tell you some important things you should know before putting your feet in it.

1. Don’t Follow Their Interest

Just like every other field, blogging also has many different categories. If you want to make blogging a career, then you should follow fashion. Don’t ever just copy someone’s niche and start blogging into it. There are plenty of niches on which you can make your website.

I personally know many people who just started blogging in the niche about which they don’t know anything. Choosing a niche in which you don’t have any knowledge can slowly degrade your interest in blogging. Initially you will not be able to make money but slowly your income will start increasing. You can too earn thousands of dollar every month with blogging if you are on the right niche.

So, choose a topic of your interest. Then try to think about questions like

  1. Can I make categories and subcategories into it?
  2. Can I write articles without copy-pasting from other websites?
  3. How many articles can I prepare?
  4. Is there any other niche where I can success?
  5. How can I make money with this blog?

Be wise to yourself and think twice about the website’s content before starting blog.

2. Don’t Choose Right Blogging Platform

There are several platforms on which you can start your blog. But, which one to choose? If you are new to blogging and have little money to invest, then choose blogger or if you have enough budget, then choose wordpress. The main benefit of choosing blogger is that you don’t any hosting. Also, you don’t have to buy a custom domain name. However, you can also add your custom domain with blogger site.

But, the blogger doesn’t give you full control of your website. If you want to rank higher in the search engines, then you have to move towards WordPress. Make sure you read everything about the platform and take youtube lessons to learn about operating it. We too use WordPress cms for our website.

However, we will suggest you, start with blogger first and know the basics of blogging before moving to an advanced level.

3. Don’t Research Well Before Writing Content For Blog

Many people doesn’t do research before writing content. Make it a habit to do research before preparing the content for your audience. Research about your audience, what hey want to see, what lacks in other articles, etc. It helps in gaining readers’ attention and also helps in the article’s google ranking.

However, you should also take care of keywords, search intent, SEO title, description, and article tags. These type of things comes in advanced researching. You will get to know more while you continue blogging.

4. Are Not Consistent

Many people start blogging at a fast pace and put four to five articles a day. But, with the increase in number of days, the number of articles keeps decreasing. This makes you site a low-quality website and search engines doesn’t prioritize them.

Two-Four blog posts per week are enough for informational blogs. However, news sites requires a minimum of five to six articles per day. Many believe larger the number of articles larger is the traffic on site. But, they forget to mention “quality” word between “of” and “articles”. You can’t just copy-paste stuff from other websites and watch your traffic grow.

Plenty of websites exists on internet but unique sites only gains attraction. So, to earn good amount of money be informative and unique.

5. Engages In Black Hat Seo

White hat seo might be a new term for you. But, it is the legal way to increase your website traffic. If your content is good then you will gin backlinks, ultimately larger traffic.

Also, beginners fall in the prey of black hat SEO and drop all of their site attention. These types of SEO techniques will give your site a sudden surge in your blog traffic. But, your site will ultimately fall and will not rise again. So, don’t ever fall in the prey of this. You can read our complete guide of white hat seo vs black hat seo.

Final Words

These are some common mistakes that a beginner does in their initial days. Just make sure to be consistent and stay away from these silly mistakes or you will have to leave blogging just like many peoples.

Apart from them there are many other mistakes that a blogger does in his blog’s initial days like changing website theme/content regularly, not being consistent with work, etc. What mistakes have you done in blogging? Share them in comments section and warn our fellow beginners.

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