Why Practice White Hat SEO Rather Than Black hat SEO?

Why Practice White Hat SEO Rather Than Black hat SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps in promoting a website and to make a place for it out there on the search engine. All the digital marketing companies, as well as the website owners, know about it.

While SEO is a wide spectrum, there are several techniques to carry out the procedure but not all of them are considered good.

Google’s algorithm worked on the basis of keywords once but that is not the only criterion of selection of websites anymore. Google’s algorithm now focuses on the quality of content and the promotion techniques the website uses. The new filters introduced to make sure to check for the spam websites and clear them by either putting them on the last search pages or taking them out completely from the search by banishing the websites.

Black Hat Seo

This is where we come to Black Hat SEO. The Black Hat technique is not the ideal practice Google wishes a website to carry out. It includes stuffing the keywords in the content, making noticeable and major changes in the content of the website after it has ranked on Google, keeping variation in the audience version and the Google version of the website, working with invisible text just to stuff more keyword, spinning the articles and many more such techniques. Basically, every single technique or effort you make to rank your website that may feel like spamming or cheating is going to fall under Black Hat SEO.

A black Hat SEO technique is not appreciated by Google in any way. If Google filters your website to be using Black Hat techniques for SEO then there is a fair chance it will put your website on the last page of search. This means your website will never be able to make it to the eye of the public. This means Google does not approve of the Black Hat SEO techniques.

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White Hat Seo

Coming to White Hat SEO techniques, naturally, these are the techniques officially approved by Google and the only way to make your website stand out there on the first page.

The White hat technique does not only improve the ranking of your website but it also helps in building organic traffic. It happens because the White Hate technique works concentrating on the quality of the content to increase value for the audience.

If you wish to make your page rank, simply start by de-cluttering. There is so much waste on your website, make sure you clear that out. This will help the users to adhere to your page better. Now that your page is clean start making the changes and working on the SEO.

Link building is a superb technique and is highly appreciated by Google. It, however, has to be relevant to the content being written. So, it is important that the link does not come out of the blue. It is also very important to shortlist the website genre for link building. Make sure you only do it on the website that has access to your target audience.

The technique only undertakes natural link building. This means you must not offer any payment to the other website for link building.


You may now think why the other website would do it for you. There are two reasons another website would post for link building for you, the first is the content and the second is the relationship.

When it comes to 2 qualities, you must maintain supreme content quality for your work. Also, make sure the content acts as a bridge between the content on your website and the content on the website you are seeking help from.

In relationship building, it is a must to make sure that you get an idea of the tone and the genre the other website is following. It is extremely important to build a relationship with the other website in terms of their and your interest and content. Making a relationship with their readers also plays a major role. Because that is how you will be able to attract the traffic to your page. Taking the White Hat SEO technique ensures ranking for your website whereas the Black Hat SEO technique will probably put you on a later page which will get you no traffic at all.