Jennifer Lopez Fast Facts

Read fast and interesting facts about the famous actress and pop singer Jennifer Lopez: Complete biography, wiki, age, height, relationships.

Jennifer Lopez Fast Facts

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Exciting facts about Jennifer Lopez!

Here are some juicy facts that you must know about your favorite star.

Background of Jennifer

J-Lo is an American singer whose full name is Jennifer Lynn Muniz. Jennifer was born in a small flat on July 24, 1969. The famous star has two siblings sisters, and all three of them were born to David and Rodriguez Lopez. The family moved from the small flat to a double story house after a hard time and many efforts and savings. So, this might be surprising for most of you that your famous rich female celebrity was once a poor girl.

Popularity of Jennifer

She is among the most popular female stars among fans and different magazines all across the globe. People magazine, one of the world’s leading brands, has named her as the ‘World’s most beautiful woman.’ Apart from this interesting fact, you must also know that jenny is the only star who has topped the list of 1000 sexiest females globally by ‘For Him Magazine.’ She has topped this list not only once, not twice, but thrice! No other female actor/singer/model has been able to win this spot for three consecutive years.

She lacks digital knowledge!

You would be surprised to know that in the world of modern technology and digitalization, j-lo admits that she lacks computer knowledge and is terrible when it comes to operating laptops or computers. The actor has shared that she has a very hard time going online with either of these devices. This is shocking news to many of her fans who think of j-lo as a Goddess of everything!

J-Lo is interested in Books based on relationships!

We all know about the messy life of j-lo. The actor/singer has gone through three divorces and has also broken off an engagement. But still, she loves to buy books that are based on love and relationships. We think that she still might be looking to answer how her love life failed so badly.

An interesting fact about “on the 6.”

‘on the 6’ was the very first album by J-Lo. Jenny named her album this title because she had a special attachment to this phrase. As a college student, she used to travel on NY 6 trains to reach her dance auditions. To remember her hardships and efforts that she had to bear all the way, she named her album this!

Jenny is not good with Spanish!

This is very shocking as both of her parents are Puerto Rican. Despite Spanish being her mother-tongue, she finds it difficult and hard to speak.

Jennifer used to dance as a background actor!

The pop star herself has revealed this. For those of you who think that Jenny was born with a silver lining are wrong. She spent many years as a backup dancer for the dance videos of Janet Jackson. You can also see J-Lo in many of Janet’s old videos as a background dancer!

She hates smoking!

Hollywood stars are quite famous for their smoking and drinking habits, but you would be shocked to know that J-Lo is the only starter who doesn’t smoke or drink. Jennifer Lopez is the best inspiration for actors like Lindsay Lohan. They are going through rehab because of excessive drinking and smoking!

Her husband!

Jennifer Lopez has married thrice. Her first marriage was to the famous model Ojani  Noa which only lasted for one year. Her second marriage was to the backup dancer Criss Judd which lasted for two years. Her third marriage was the most popular one, which lasted for eight years, she got married to the famous singer Marc Anthony. She has dated many actors, including David Cruz, Rapper P.Diddy, and Ben Affleck, who later broke off with her and started dating Jennifer garner.

Jennifer Lopez net worth

Jenny has a 25 years long career! You would be shocked to know that she is among the top paid actors and dancers in Hollywood. She is among the A-start celebrities who have a net worth of over a hundred million dollars. According to a recent report She earns around 40 Million per year and Jennifer Lopez net worth is around $400 Million!

“La Guitarra”

This was the nickname given to J-Lo by her fraternity and fans. The reason behind this nickname is that her body looks just like a Guitar. She has the perfect curves, which makes it the perfect nickname for her!

She got arrested!

Jenny and her husband at that time, P.Diddy, were both arrested because of a shooting incident in a night-club. However, the charges against the famous star were dropped later on.

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