Playing v/s Studying Poker: What’s the Right Balance?

Studying the game before playing increases the chances of winning, See how you can bring odds in your favour in a poker game.

Playing vs Studying Poker What's the Right Balance

Plenty of online games can help you improve your concentration and spend time at home. If you are looking for such a game, poker is just one of them.

This amazing online game helps in improving learning or studying ability and boosting mathematical skills. Poker also helps to enhance patience and develop logic. If you have difficulty concentrating, go ahead with this game. Poker also teaches discipline.

The best part is that there are plenty of online platforms where you can play this game without any hassle. They are safe and secure platforms to play the game and learn. This is why I always ask my readers to go for free games before challenging their opponents in the matches. This way, you will have plenty of experience before starting the challenges.

Just download poker game and start experiencing the thrill. Learn the techniques, prioritize the game fundamentals, and you are good to go.

In this blog, we have to talk about playing versus studying poker. While we always say that playing free games will help you become an expert in the field, it is also true that you need to study the game to learn it in a better way. You will have to strike the right chord in balancing this.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are working from home, and thus, we have plenty of time in our hands to hone our skills and learn the game. If you are serious about poker or want to earn from it, you must understand how to go about the game. To know how the pandemic has changed the fortune of the gaming industry, read this Forbes article.

Poker is a popular card game that is loved by all and sundry. You must read blogs and articles on this game and watch YouTube videos to gain more knowledge. If you find blogs where pros give tips, then go through the same. It depends a lot on skill.

To boost your performance, you have to learn about the game and play the game. The million-dollar question is how to balance between the two.

How much time will you spend playing the game online, and how much time should you study the game? Well, we will try to figure out the answer for you. The key is to find just the right balance where you are also practising and adopting new skills quickly.

How often should I play the game?

If you want to improve your skills, try to play them daily. Whether you get a break from work or want to play the game during your leisure time, it is up to you. Try to make the most out of every single poker learning session.

If you are inexperienced, you should learn the basics of the game so that there are no financial risks. When playing the game, try to take your time while making any significant decision. It would help if you had time to think while playing poker, which will help you make the right decision.

When choosing opponents, you should challenge your friends and family members and pick other opponents online. This way, you know how to handle the challenges in different scenarios. You will make good decisions under pressure if you challenge various opponents.

It might be a good time to face a new challenge if you get too comfortable in a particular game pattern.

However, keep in mind that putting in plenty of hours won’t help. You need to concentrate 100% while playing the game.

Keep in mind that the game is unpredictable, and you need to be patient. The hours should be 100% productive, which means you should focus enough to learn new tricks and strategies in every game.

Your main goal should be to learn tricks at every session. Playing and studying this game is not the same. If you research and then play sometimes, you will get 360-degree knowledge of this beautiful game.

How To Study Poker?

Studying this game is a great way to understand the theory behind poker. The first place to start is watching online live streams of the game. Watch online streams, read expert opinions, and get tips to understand more about the game.

This way, you will get to see online players make mistakes and strategize moves in real-time. You will also understand the pressure under which they are making certain moves. This will give you an idea of how tricky situations can get.

You will also get tips on poker hands analysis from many streamers. Once you have learned the basics, you have to understand a specific game format, such as cash games, tournaments, and alike.

You have to learn so many skills by studying and playing the game. This includes reading people and their moves, honing mathematical skills, and enhancing resilience.

Be patient as these skills take time. You would have to play variants of the game and challenge several people so that you become an expert with time.

Strike the right balance

The key is to balance your study and playtime. Have fun and play the game. The idea of studying may not appeal to you at the beginning. It is quite common! But once you start to take the game more seriously, you will automatically add some study sessions to the overall mix. Try to study the game for at least an hour to become a pro within a few months. Watch videos, read articles and then shift to the more serious stuff. Check poker training sites when you take it seriously!

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