Hey, Look! Celebs Are Making Their Day With These Things

Hey, Look! Celebs Are Making Their Day With These Things

Due to this pandemic, all of us are bound to stay indoors, and trust us; many of us are not happy about being homebound due to covid-19 India lockdown! But on the contrary, some are busy learning the tasty treats, spending time with the family, and learning to enjoy the little joys of life. On social media, you can see Bollywood celebrities taking up activities they haven’t done for a long time. Here are a few tips that will rescue you from strategizing an unproductive day to a productive day!

In an interview, the certified health coach, Nipa Asharam says, “it is a testing time and how we deal with the current times will change our perspective about life and also about our individuality. Being anxious and stressing about the current situation will not change anything! In fact, if we dealt with the situation in a planned way, we can keep the stress at bay!”


Sometimes in life, we forget to enjoy the simple joys of life! Every day is a new opportunity, and during these times of panic, we can create small pleasures and make our family happy! You can sit or lay down under the clear blue sky and appreciate the nature just like Shraddha is doing here! Also, you can plan a little picnic with your loved ones during the sky watching.

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Who has ever said you need to hit the gym or yoga classes to be fit? You can simply do it by staying at home and doing simple exercises. You can also take up a 21-day fitness challenge to create specific goals on weights and inches. Also, by taking up this challenge, you can avoid overeating, which will add extra weight and will also lead to anxiety.


you must have seen this viral Instagram video of Katrina Kaif, doing household chores. Well, each time you will clean your house, you will feel lighter. Well, according to the Japanese concept every time you clean your home, you cleanse your soul too! You can identify all the areas of your house that need cleaning, and you can clean them one day at a time. Also, according to science, if you clean your home daily, you happen to release the happy hormone.

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During this time of isolation, you can learn things that always wanted to but didn’t have time to do so. You can go on and learn creative writing, cooking, read the books you always brought but didn’t get the time to read, or you can do the painting. You can also check Joker Gaming in your free time. Anything that keeps you happy and busy!

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