Bollywood Evergreen Movies To Watch During Quarantine

Bollywood's Evergreen Movies To Watch During Quarantine

Already bored with your Netflix and Amazon subscription? Then hey! Wait we have listed down below Bollywood’s evergreen movies that have a perfect balance of drama and entertainment. Go on, take a look at them and watch them! They will not fail to entertain you!

3 Idiots

Everyone’s all-time favourite and one of the classics’ 3 Idiots’ is a total package. It unfolds in an opening scene where two friends are embarked on a quest for their lost friend, from who they haven’t heard from the year. The movie has been tossed between flashbacks and present situations, which makes it more hilarious.

On their way back to their friend, they ridiculously ruin a funereal, crash a wedding and run away with the bride and also encounter a forgotten bet. As they set forth for the journey amid the breath-taking landscape, another journey begins. The trip through the memory lane that narrates a story about their friend Rancho.

Rancho is a unique character and has touched many lives. There hostel days and Rancho’s romance with Pia and their clash with Professor Viru Sahastra buddhe a.k.a VIRUS. After living these days one day Rancho disappears. Everyone questioned his identity and thought where did he go? His two friends whom he inspired to think out of the box, who were called idiots by the ideal world, we’re confused, “where did the original idiot go?” But finally, they get their answers in the misty mountains of Shimla.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Again, one of the all-time favorites movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Ha Deewani‘ is the best bollyromcom. Of course, the plot of the movie is totally Bollywood typical, will fun-loving Kabir aka Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) and studious Naina aka Chashmish (Deepika Padukone) realize that their couple is heaven-sent. The two of them first meet during a trek where Naina learns to appreciate herself from Bunny and also learns to unwind her life from adventures.

There is so much to admire from the movie, the one central theme about living your dream is what that has touched many young hearts. If you haven’t watched a perfect Bollywood movie go binge-watch it tonight! You will laugh your heart out and yes don’t forget to keep tissues towards the end. Here’s, the storyline of the movie.


What will happen when a rich Hindu adolescent boy Raj falls in love with Bobby, who is a Catholic? Sounds contemporary well, it is not, it is one of the old movies. It is a classic bolly-romantic tale where two falls in love against the parental wish. How they have torn apart because of the difference in their caste and religion, in itself is a story to cry! Well, the two young lovers elope. The Hindi blockbuster was a hit because nobody has before shown teenage sexuality so boldly. However, it’s a lovely watch to binge-watch during the quarantine. More Detail

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Hum Apke Hain Koun?

Are you up for some family drama? If yes, it is the best pick then. The 1990s blockbuster was the reason why the audience came back to Bollywood. It is a movie with 14 songs, a crimination and two weddings! It’s a lavish depiction of a North Indian families and the relations. However, you will love the big scene when the dog Tuffy reunites the two lovers. However, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan starrer is a complete family package. More detailed information