Traditional Industries That Have Been Radically Transformed by Tech

Traditional Industries That Have Been Radically Transformed by Tech

A lot of traditional industries are now trying to use tech to their advantage. If you want to find out more about them, or if you are curious to see how tech has changed the world so far then this is the guide for you.


One of the industries that has changed considerably as a result of tech is the betting industry. The betting industry once consisted of brick and mortar casinos, but now you can bet online at You can also play games on the NetBet casino website as well, which just goes to show how far tech has come in general.

Traditional Industries That Have Been Radically Transformed by Tech


Another industry that has radically transformed is the fashion industry. The fashion industry has now adopted apps like Craves. This gives you the chance to upload a photo of the clothing items you want. It then shows you the clothing items that are similar, in a matter of seconds. You also have fitting room apps which help you to visualise how an item is going to fit you, while also helping retailers to understand the buying preferences of their customers. There are also some fun apps out there, so if you have a passion for fashion, it’s safe to say that you can now use tech to your advantage more than ever before.


The financial industry is now becoming much more streamlined. On top of this, it is becoming much more efficient. Online banking is now the norm and people are not really wandering into banks anymore to deposit money. Payment transactions are one-click, and this has rocketed the retail industry. The financial technology industry is set to double in value over the next 5 years and on top of this, more people are looking to adopt digital services too. Another thing that has changed in the world of tech is the rise of P2P tech. Start-ups and other companies that would have otherwise been turned down for a loan can now get accepted and this is incredible to say the least.


Education technology generally involves the development of application tools. These are used to facilitate learning in general. Education really is an industry that is being radically transformed by tech. It’s not necessary for people to sit in a classroom and learn anymore. In fact, now you can take an online course if you want through various websites.  EdTech isn’t just about helping students though. In fact, the tools that educators need can now be provided online. Teachers can access planning, data collection and more. This has helped them to provide a much better service and it has also helped them to connect to students much more. This is phenomenal to say the least and it just goes to show how tech has influenced the market and made our lives better in general.

Of course, with all of these tech changes happening, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other traditional industries boom as a result of the new tech that’s rapidly overtaking the market right now.

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