What Happens In A DUI Or Drunk Driving Sentence?

Worrying about the DUI case? Here are the things that might happen to you

Things In DUI Case

Driving Under the Influence goes beyond merely being told off or fined for doing so. It is considered a criminal offence, and thus, will be treated as such by the court of law. With its consequences, viewed with the same level of gravity.

Below are basic facts you should know about DUI and what you may be able to do to lower the severity of the sentence that is to be passed.

DUI: What Will Happen?

1. Being Arrested: Time in Jail

Soon after being caught by law enforcement officers for driving under the influence, the almost immediate repercussion is that you will be sentenced to a stay in jail. The less severe cases will have the driver stay overnight, to about a day or two, before being released. This can be shortened via bail, and with the assurance that the person who will pick you up is sober-minded and able to drive you home safely.

The jail sentence is frequently longer for DUI drivers who have been arrested for the same more than once before. In fact, several states count DUI cases as misdemeanours rather than felonies. And thus, allot penalties and sanctions that are more demanding than those of felonies.

2. The Summons

This is also referred to as “court appearance”. A ticket will be provided to you stating that you are to appear in court at a specific date and time, for the charge of driving under the influence. It is imperative that you not only appear in court on the specified date, but that you be on time, sober, and appropriately dressed.

These external factors may not seem like much to many. But they contribute to letting the court have a sense of your decision towards sobriety and make amends in light of the law, and of anyone else who was either injured and/or whose property was damaged due to the accident.

3. Fines and Similar Penalties

As briefly stated above, one of the most common implications of a DUI sentence is that you will be mandated to pay a fine. Several states have a kind of minimum. But this will increase depending on the circumstances surrounding the event of the DUI and/or arrest.

To put this to perspective, said fine may be enhanced in light of property damage, injuries (to others present at the scene of the traffic accident), court costs, etc.

4. Revoking of Driver’s License

Expect that your driver’s license will be revoked or suspended as per the duration stated in your sentence. This driving privilege loss tends to be a common statute across the states, especially for drivers who are convicted of DUI for the first time. The curtailing of driving privileges may also be a possibility, instead of a total revocation of your license.

In fact, a convicted driver’s license can be suspended if the driver refuses to comply with court-mandated proceedings even before having him or her appear in court (i.e. refusing to do a blood test or go through a sobriety test).

5. Probation 

Probation will take place a DUI conviction, regardless of jail time or otherwise. This is to be taken as a separate penalty outside the scope of a “fine”. It may come in the form of a regular monthly remuneration, as the price for the administration of the driver’s probated sentence.

Though similar to fines, your DUI lawyer mechanicsburg pa trust may help in reducing the terms of your probation.

6. Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device is a requirement for driver’s who are sentenced with DUI. Whether it is applicable to first-time driving offenders or not will vary per state.

It has a breathalyzer that you will have to use and pass before you are to start the ignition of your vehicle. Hence, its name.

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