Curiosity is the road to two destinations, Destruction or Miracles

Curiosity is the road to two destinations, destruction or miracles

Curiosity is a gift given to mankind, however, it often comes with questions and whenever a question arises, our minds are set on a quest to find the answers. Our minds were designed to ask but only curiosity is what keeps the hunger for the right answers alive. Although, no matter how much information we feed to our brains, they are ever curious and this never satiating hunger for answers is what which adds to the human wisdom. We often say that wisdom comes with experience and those who are long in tooth are often wiser but were they born wiser. The answer would obviously be a no because we grow to be wise, slow but steadily.

For instance, what we are now or what our civilizations grew to become is the result of curiosity of our race. A spark kindled by rubbing two flints and curiosity of men led to the birth of fire but that was ages before; think of a child who goes on asking questions and no matter how much it troubles the grown-ups, they answer because they know that it is the curiosity of that child which will make him wise. Therefore, I might say that curiosity is what paves a road, block-by-block to wisdom.

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Excerpt from the book “A Dream of Green”

Here is an excerpt from my book called, “A Dream of Green”, the first installment of the series titled, “A Forgotten Dream.” A conversation between the nine-year-old Red Eyed Prince and his father King Elrick-

“Listen carefully, son! We are going to step on the Land of Flowers, Rossalia. I want you to be careful, stick to your brothers, no matter what comes, you are not to leave your brother’s side. Hmm?” said the king turning a little grim.

“What’s wrong father?” Asked Aegeus innocently.

“Everything is alright son. I am only a little worried about your curiosity.” The king smiled.

“Is it wrong to be curious about things, father?” Asked Aegeus.

“Nothing is wrong with curiosity son, but one needs to be careful though, as it is the road to two destinations – destruction or miracles. Are you getting me, son?”

A Dream of Green

The very curiosity of a young prince about his dream of green sets him on a quest to understand them better, however, will his curiosity lead him to destruction or a miracle, that is for the readers to find. I won’t be spoiling it!

Though you might say, ‘oh! That’s fiction. Anything can happen in a fantasy.’ But this is not so, I might argue in defense as fantasy is born out of the mind of a real person and a real person knows reality and a writer knows it even better to hide the reality within a lie. Yes a lie, lie is what fiction is.

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Those who yet remain discontent, the very statement on the debate can be reasoned by what already exists in the world. No fiction and no fantasy.

You might at least agree to the fact that curiosity can lead to miracles as the technologies we now see around us are nothing but a result of curiosity which arose in the mind of a person. Apples have been falling from trees since ages but the curiosity of Sir Isaac led to its discovery, a great miracle in the field of science, won’t you agree?

Now let’s talk about the curiosity of Madam Curie, her work with radioactive elements, great miracle until her curiosity ultimately led to her demise. Now that would make you wonder, fiction or not, the statement stands. And that is what I mean to express, it’s a good thing to be curious but one must tread carefully.

About the Author

Mohit Kumawat was born 1995 in Beawar, a town amidst the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan, India. Currently living in Jaipur, the Pink City of India and recently done his bachelors in engineering. A Dream of Green is his first instalment of the Forgotten Dream series which is inspired by a dream he had five years ago and since that day, he has been working upon it, the result of which is A Dream of Green.

A dream of Green

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