Seven No-diamond Engagement Rings For Modern Brides

You might have different reasons to consider a non-diamond ring as your engagement ring. You want to experiment with the tradition, you simply want your ring to stand out from the ordinary or you might be looking for a budget friendly option. Whatever your excuse is, you are going to be glad about your decision. Although going against the wave is not a choice for everyone, a few daring couples take it as an opportunity to find a style that complements their taste and needs. Now, when you have finally made up your mind to go for a non-diamond ring, you will find an abundance of options.

We are presenting you some of the favorite non-diamond ring ideas

Gem-less band with intricate detailing

Gem-less bands are the most sophisticated type of non-diamond engagement rings. These elegant bands are made of some type of precious metal, mostly gold, platinum or titanium. The intricate detailing in these bands makes them more unique.

Prepossessing sapphire rings

This breathtakingly beautiful gemstone is known to be a birthstone for September born and often associated with loyalty and romance. A 9 ranking on Mohs scale makes it perfect for rings to be worn regularly. This is considered to be the hardest, scratch resistant, and durable mineral after the diamond. Celebrities also seem to be inspired by this magnificent gem. Sapphire makes a great combination with a variety of precious metals such as platinum and gold leaving you a lot of option to choose your perfect hoop.

Ruby with a halo for romance

Red is a color of love, passion, and romance. Therefore, it is the best way to showcase your romantic side with a ruby engagement ring. Ruby solitaire in halo diamond setting (it is not mandatory to have diamonds in halo) will make the love of your life mesmerized.

Moissanite rings

You want a diamond look in your ring but don’t want to spend a fortune on the rock, choose an engagement ring with Moissanite. Despite the colorless, clear appearance and sparkle just like the diamonds, this gemstone costs unbelievably less. You will be left with a lot of budgets to spend over other important things without compromising with the look you desire for your engagement ring.

Aquamarine solitaire with platinum

Aquamarine is an adorable light blue color gem that costs way lower than sapphire and blue diamonds. It has a durability rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. However, if cared properly, this stone can last a lifetime. The solitaire looks amazing in a platinum setting.

Striking Emerald rings

The radiant green hue of this beautiful gem looks surprisingly captivating in a white gold or platinum setting. Green is a color of nature and believed to bring joy and prosperity in the couple’s life. Emerald looks contemporary in a silver metal setting, whereas gives a classic vintage look with yellow gold setting.

Morganite rings

Morganite ring is ruling the market as the most admired alternative to the traditional diamond rings. It is found in a variety of shades from blush to orange pink. Morganite looks magical in the rose gold setting as the colors of stone and metal perfectly complement each other. If talk about durability, this gem ranks 7.5-8 on Mohs scale-this make is good to wear every day (with care and protection).

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