Should Fast Food Be A Part Of Your Diet?

Fast food or junk food in your diet

Wow! So yummy a junk food is. We all usually say this when we are eating any fast food like burger, pizza, spring roll, french fries, etc. Fast foods are really tasty. But what we are eating is really good for our health? Did we ever think of this question?

Attraction isn’t always good. These things attract us whenever we go outside and we get attracted to them.

Junk food is a slow poison which kills us slowly and suddenly. We get addicted to that food. Nowadays it’s becoming a trend of having junk food on daily basis. We know that it satisfies our hunger but does it satisfy our body health? The fact is that it only satisfies our hunger and harms our body health. They contain ingredients or chemicals which make our tongue addicted to them.

1) Deficiency diseases:- 

Eating fast food regularly might make an issue regarding our health. Fast food is lack in micro-nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin C, zinc, etc. These micro-nutrients are essential for our health. These low quantity micro nutrient-rich foods often take place of more nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. Low zinc and low antioxidant intake could potentially increase inflammation and oxidative stress.

Iron is the main component of our RBCs. Iron deficiency causes anemia.
Anemia is a condition in which RBCs count decreases and blood become less able to carry oxygen to our body parts. Almost 50% of the present women may also suffer from iron deficiency. That’s why they are given tablets containing a good quantity of iron during pregnancy.
Iodine deficiency can cause a disease called goitre which may cause
problems like an increase in heart rate, shortness of breath and weight

2) Effects on our body:- 

Fast foods contain chemicals which can surely harm our body. Fast food contains carbs and when carbs are digested, sugar is released in the blood. Insulin released by pancreas helps in transporting sugar throughout our body to the cells that need it for energy. But a high concentration of carbs can cause repeated spikes in the blood sugar. As a result, the risk for insulin resistance increases and it leads to a disease called diabetes. The American Heart Association suggests only eating 100 to 150 calories of added sugar per day.

Trans fat is also found in fast foods. It’s no consumption is good for
health. Its consumption can increase LDL and decrease HDL and also
increases the chances for cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Fast foods also contain a large amount of sodium(salts). It can lead to
water retention and bloating.  Consumption of high amounts of sodium-rich
foods is dangerous for people who have blood pressure related problems.
Excess calories can cause obesity which can further lead to respiratory
problems including asthma and shortness of breath.

Children eating fast foods more than two times a week, invite eczema.
Eczema is a condition in which skin gets itchy and irritating patches of
inflammation to occur on the face.

3) Effects on pregnancy:-

Fast food also affects reproductive health. Women
who eat fast food during pregnancy can have excessive weight gain. They put themselves and their babies at higher risk of complications like giving
birth to a large and premature baby, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes,
preterm labour and increased risk of birth defects. Eating junk foods can
also lead to a risk of giving birth to premature babies and they may have
problems like low BP, cerebral palsy and breathing and heart-related

4) Cause of deadly diseases:-

Eating fast food can increase the amount of cholesterol in our blood. This increased amount of cholesterol can block arteries and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Research by the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation found that people who consume fast food once a week increase their risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20% as compared to the people who don’t eat fast foods. Heat treated processed foods contain contaminants that may be carcinogenic(cancer causing). Research of WHO estimates that at least 2.8 million people currently due annually from complications such as overweight and obesity, coronary heart diseases, ischemia, brain stroke, cancer, diabetes etc.


Junk food kills more than war, famine and drought. Our safety
is in our hands. As the country is developing it needs healthy people and
it can only be fulfilled if they eat healthy foods. Fast food kills us like
an enemy. It is a bane to our lives. Several premature deaths occur due to
the consumption of fast food. Children at a very little age invite cancer
and other deadly diseases through their consumption.

Junk food gives us a good taste for once but it in return takes away from us our health. Parents must keep their children away from fast foods. They should teach their children about the ill effect of fast foods consumption and if needed they should also become strict in this matter. It’s the duty of parents to not allow their children to eat fast foods and make them aware of the hazards of fast foods consumption.  If the parents don’t want to see their children dying in front of their eyes they should take care of their eating habits.

Above all, children must attempt the habit of eating nutritious foods like fruits vegetables and whole grains. We should think that if we are hungry then we can also have some fruits instead of having fast foods. It will neither harm us nor waste our money. Students dream to become a doctor in future.

But if they eat fast foods then they should think at once that what if they
themselves are diseased. So before eating anything, we should think about
it at least once that what we going to eat is good for our health or not.
Our body demands nutrients and if it’s demand is not fulfilled then our
body will also not fulfill our demand for healthy living. We should eat that
food which is nutrient rich and also good for maintaining our health. Its
an appeal to every person to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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