Cosmology – A Mystery in Space

Cosmology - A Mystery in Space |

The Beginning of Cosmology

To know about the Cosmos the first thing you have to do is to forget all about God and Goddess or Mythology then only you can understand the Space. In simple words Cosmology is the study of Space. Cosmology and Mythology are cannot be together because Mythology is that what our ancestors had seen or listen and wrote in the book and name them as a holy books and Cosmology is what our present has seen with Science and Technology. In cosmology keep that in mind 1st scientist make theories and when they are capable of proving they prove it. Like Gravitational wave, Einstein predicted that long ago but no body believed in that and today because of sci-tech we proved it

Cosmology is the study of the nature of the universe(everything in Space). The word cosmology is derived from the Greek kosmos meaning harmony or order. Cosmologists are interested in the formation, space and future of the universe and its constituents.

Cosmology - A Mystery in Space
Cosmology- According to Archaeologist

According to the Archaeologist, Cosmology started first at Egyptians 35000 BCE and then followed by Greek, Rome, Afghan, India, China. They discovered inscription (whether they come from or they know about that particular thing but they didn’t able to crack the language till date), arts-painting in the wall of stars and sun in particular pattern in caves.

But the 1st person who Observed the Space was Galileo Galilei (father of astronomy) in 1610 he invented the Jupiter and his 4 satellites, Saturn, Venus through his 20x Telescope and Nobody believed in him at that time because of the people thinking and they were orthodox. It was the war between Cosmology and Mythology they thought that he was going against Myths and Bible. They also punished him and his family for going against that. Even today if you go against Holy things they will take to judicial and waste their time on it.

Galileo Galilei
About Galileo Galilei:

The important person who started or you can say initiated the war against Mythology was Nicolaus Copernicus. He gave the idea about the Heliocentrism (Earth rotates around the Sun) before that people believed that Earth was the center of the Universe and everything revolve around it called Geo-centrism. But was not accepted by the society of that time. And know everybody knows that because of Sci-tech.

Let’s come back to the Universe, basically it is everything in space there is no limit to it because scientist say universe end at 14.5 Billion light yr long, but practically not possible the question comes in mind that what’s beyond that? what the next level of it? the 14.5 B L yr* is approx. distance that the have seen the extra-terrestrial body.

FACT:  A human eye has a limit of 48 km or 30 miles in straight to the candle light. It has the 576 MP and the Hubble space telescope we use had only 100Mp camera. It is used in vacuum with no refraction so you can know what if more than 100+ Mp can do if it is used in Telescope.

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More information on Universe

In Universe it generally made up off 5% Matter & Energy, 27% Dark Matter and 68% Dark Energy. The thing which we see is only 5% and rest of it is Unknown till date. There are many things we will discuss it in detail later about Stars, Gas, Galaxies, Parallel universe, Black hole, Plasma, Alien, Time travel. How does the Universe Begin? I think everybody knows the answer “Big Bang” it’s a theory from which everything begins to form. But the real question is How? and Why?

Did it start and what was the reason to start? Some theories are that we(universe) are the black small marble and there are many more like us or  There was no time before Big-bang*. Then my question is how it started when everything was stopped how it can begin anything huge like that? Still a mystery to everyone.

When big-bang happened 14 billion years ago like explosion everything went far spread like a sphere from the center. But there is no particular center of the universe. We are not yet capable of doing that thing to know about such huge thing, we are not even ready. When the explosion took place then after billion of years everything formed star, galaxy, planet etc.

FACT : Big Bang theory is not fixed theory you can change that even today if you have better ideas and if it is accepted by Organisation with certain facts you have.

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