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Universe is nothing but a combination of various elements such as planets, stars and galaxies. The start of the Universe is still on research and till now there are a total of 4 theories which depict about the birth of the Universe. So it is can be called that a universe is a combination of energy and matter. Universe is a very vast thing and its size cannot be defined  but we have observed about 47 billion light years approx. equal to 4.40 X 10^26 meters from the earth.

Universe is full of surprises and amazing things which we are trying to find out.
The earliest scientific models of the Universe, prepared by ancient Greek and Indian philosophers, were geocentric meaning that the Earth was placed at the center of the Universe. Later on, with the advancement of the technology and the astronomical observations led Nicolaus Copernicus to prepare the heliocentric model with the Sun at the center of the Solar System. Sir Isaac Newton built the law of universal gravitation upon Copernicus’s work and the observations which are made by Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.
Basic information about universe | Be Curious
Fig: Universe

The shape of the universe includes local geometry and global geometry, which can be found in the observable universe. The cosmologists are working on the shape of the universe. The cosmologists work with a space like slice of the space time which is known as commoving coordinates. It is in the shape of a backward light cone.

When universe comes into mind, one thing also comes in mind i.e. “Parallel Universe”. What is it? Is it real or not? And many more questions comes into mind about it. We will talk about that in another blog otherwise you will be bored.
As we know that the galaxies are moving from each other at very fast speed, we can consider that universe contains more space or matter which we think, is present there. Those unseen matter is called dark matter. The matter which can be observed such as stars, planets, visible gases etc. comprises only 6% of ordinary matter or can be considered as 0.3% of the total universe. It is the reason that the unseen matter aka dark matter is so much to be discovered. Isn’t it shocking?
Many physicists has also suggested about various multiverse hypotheses, in which they believe that our universe can be the one among the various other universe that might exist.
So let’s start talking about Universe………………
When it comes about universe question arising in mind are – What is universe? How does it origin? How can we believe about the origin?
Let’s talk about them…..
We have already discussed about the definition of universe now talking about its origin……
Physical properties of Universe
There are four fundamental interactions in the universe which are as Gravitation, Electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces.
Out of these known fundamental interactions the gravitational force is the most dominating than it comes electromagnetism, which is generated due to the positive and negative charges present in thee today’s universe and then comes the weak and strong nuclear forces which are present in the small particles such as sub atomic or atomic particles.
The universe also comprises photons, which can be said as the resultant of the big bang. The universe also appears at neither net momentum nor angular momentum. These laws are known as Gauss’s law.
Basic information about universe | Be Curious

Theory behind the origin of universe

The very famous theory behind the origin of the universe is “The Big Bang theory”. But what is big bang theory, we will understand it later. Before this theory, our scientists believes that the observable universe was compressed into a hot, dense mass just a few millimetres across including all of its matter and radiation. Interesting huh!!. So let’s move on the big bang theory.

The Big Bang theory

The theory came into existence due to the fact that all the galaxies mainly stars or combination of stars forming galaxy are moving away from themselves at very great speed and in all directions, as if they have been attracted by the some very large propeller force.
The theory suggests that due to a massive explosion occurs nearly around 10 to 20 billion years ago, by which the origin of matter and energy or somewhat called space and time came into existence.
Scientists are even not sure about the big bang but they believe that after the big bang or mainly explosion, the matter started cooling and gaining shape by which various atoms are produced or can be called are evolved which eventually condensed into the stars and the galaxies of our today’s universe.
The first person to suggest the big bang theory was a Belgian priest named Georges Lemaitre in late 1920’s. He suggested that the universe is originated from a single atom. This idea subsequently gained attention or can be called gained popularity by the Edwin Hubble’s observation that galaxies are moving away from us in all directions very rapidly. The idea was also boosted by the discovery of cosmic microwave radiations by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson.
The glow of cosmic microwave background radiation, which is found everywhere in the universe, is thought to be the resultant of the big bang leftover light. The cosmic microwave radiations are similar to the radiations which we use today to transmit TV signals from one place to another with the help of antennas. It is also the oldest radiation which is found since today, which leaves behind various secrets or mysteries about the universe past moments.
Pretty clear about the big bang??
But it also leaves various mysteries unsolved such that the reason which caused the big bang to occur. Various answers are being proposed about this fundamental query, but no one have proof about it and we cannot believe on the theory which are unseen. This is a very great challenge for today’s scientist. So let’s wait for this mystery to be solved.
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