The Best Bollywood Casino Movies

In this article we will be taking you down memory lane, to reacquaint you with some great casino movies in the Bollywood industry.

Best Bollywood Casino Movies

Bollywood has long had a place within the heart of movie culture. It has been around for absolute decades and within its time, it has leaped from climb to climb. For many years, Bollywood movies have had an attraction to casino themes, due to the climax and glamorous life that surround them. It seems to work particularly well, especially since you can consider that the Asian world gives host to the most beautiful outfits that harmonize with the elegance that casinos often showcase. Within this article we will be taking you down memory lane, to reacquaint you with some great casino movies in the Bollywood industry. Hey, if you have happened to watch them, there is always time for a round two, no?

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1. Teen Patti

This movie stars Hollywood legend Ben Kingsley, in addition to Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan, who has long since taken a break from movie making. Nevertheless, if you are thinking you miss him in action, this would certainly be a great movie to kindle the memories of the legend Amitabh. Within this movie, Amitabh is the smart mathematician who learns how to gamble through his intellectual mathematical abilities. He learns to gamble for the higher purpose of winning a jackpot. Sure, we wish it was that easy, yet seeing Amitabh making our dreams come true is more than enough here.

Venkat (played by Amitabh), decides to step up his gambling to another level by joining Perci, at the grand casino within London. There his life soon comes to change forever. By applying Perci’s theory, Venkat manages to use mathematics to prove a theory to win large amounts of winnings from the casino. The theory works and Venkat takes this knowledge to tackle some of the biggest gamblers within the region. While the movie highlights huge risks and palm sweating moments, Venkat obviously wins the big bucks and prevails. It is a Bollywood movie after all, isn’t it? 

If you are looking for a movie that has the original actors and favourites of the Bollywood world, then you are in for a very lucky treat by watching this movie. Amitabh’s talent is priceless.

2. Jannat 

Jannat translates as heaven, and brings together the romance we are looking for within Bollywood, alongside the casino world. So, it essentially is a huge win-win situation here! The movie showcases a street gambler named Arjun, who happens to be played by Emraan Hashmi. Him and his gambling instincts are no doubt something huge which he is yet to discover within this film. Before he managed to steer his skills into business and command some kind of structure of a day-to-day regime, he did anything to make some quick money. Yet this movie showcases how Arjun manages to channel his talent within the world of cricket booking and business. From then on, with a business at his hand and love life with Zoya on the other, we see the difficulties of having both.

While this movie is more gambling than casinos, it has received great reviews from critics. In addition to this, it is being highly recommended towards the younger viewing and public, so why not give it a try?

3. The Great Gambler

This movie is not as new as the other choices we have listed above, but stay with us it is a treasure within the Bollywood movie lists! This movie presents to you the main character named Jai. Jai has never ever lost a bet before, making him the eye and focus of the gambling community. Within the movie, he catches the eyes of some not-so-good characters, who are the local gangsters of the area. Due to his talents, the gang wishes to utilize Jai for their benefit, and without too much thought Jai agrees to their conditions. However, Jai soon realizes that this was not the deal he actually suspected and there is much more than what first meets the eye.

The movie is tangled with action, gambling, and great dramatic scenes. Guaranteed if you keep with the plot, you will definitely find some worthy cinematic moments that will make you watch it again at some point! So, stick to it and you will most definitely thank us later on, that is for sure.

4. Striker

Striker is yet another movie to add on your list, but this time it is not all fiction. It is based on true events. Within this movie, you will be introduced to the star of the movie named Suryakant Sarang. Suryakant, unfortunately, comes from poor background and has very bad health, which forces him to miss school most days. His days soon come entertained by a sports tabletop game, where he and his brother Chandrakant play against one another consistently as the days go by. Suryakant immediately comes to notice that he has quite the knack for it and ultimately wins the Junior Championship at the age of just 12 years old.

However, as the movie goes by, you see Suryakant grow older and develop a fondness for the darker world of street gambling and therefore bets away all his assets and money which he managed to build thus far from his talent. This film truly highlights the life of hustle and hardships, and while it can’t get quite dark and dangerous, we see the Bollywood genius of actor Siddharth Narayan, have a go at such a challenging role. This film made such a wave within the Bollywood community that it is the first-ever film to hit Youtube on the day of its release within cinemas.

5. Gambler

The last film suggestion within our list, this one is a pretty old release that dates back from 1971. Within this movie we see a policeman named Dayashankar Pandey. Pandey is quite the lazy detective, who was raised by a criminal, due to his mother abandoning him quite young. His laid-back style and chilled out life outlook soon becomes shaken and threatened, when he uncovers a drug and gambling operation within the heart of the city. Within the movie, he will need to muster the courage to face the gangsters and militia who wish to make his life very difficult, to ensure they keep their operation hidden. However, after observing and being put into the heart and spotlight of the gambling world, Dayashankar gives into the temptation and gives up his entire career, just to be a gambler.

This movie will leave you questioning, how far Dayashankar will go and to what cost will he realize how deep he actually becomes invested in gambling. While it is an old movie, the action and dramatic scenes will certainly keep you hooked. There is no casino glamour, that is for sure, but it is the grittiness of this movie that keeps us very much hooked!

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