10 Funny Pranks For This April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is near, you must be fetching for ideas or funny pranks that you can execute. Of course, The pranks need to be cheap

April fool's day

As April Fool’s Day is near, you must fetching for ideas or pranks that you can execute. Of course, The pranks need to be cheap and less time consuming because doing anything over the top can reduce the fun and the result may not end up being according to your plan; also we do not have much free time do we? So here are 10 funny and cheap April Fool’s day pranks to spread a smile in the lives of your dear ones.

The 10 Funny pranks among millions that you must try:

1. Caramel Onions

Caramel Onions Camel onions prank for april fool

Okay, this is going to be a really pungent surprise. Buy some onions and peel them. Dip them in molten chocolate or caramel and allow them to freeze. You’ll notice that they look completely like big chocolate balls or caramel apples. Serve them for dessert and see the reactions of the people after giving them a bite. Nasty isn’t it?

Ps- Don’t forget to have some real desserts ready.

2. Undrinkable Juice

April Fools Drink Juice

Fill a glass with gelatine (colored) and allow it to freeze. Take it out after a while when it’s firm and serve it. Watch the person wonder in confusion as to why she isn’t being able to take a sip until she realizes that it’s a funny prank.

3. Oreo Biscuits with toothpaste cream

Oreo Biscuits for April Fools day

Buy a packet of Oreo biscuits and scrape the cream out. Fill the biscuits with white toothpaste only and not any coloured ones. I think you can totally imagine the faces your friends will make after having them.

4. Red water from shower      

Bloody shower prank

Dip cotton balls in food coloring and fit them inside the shower. Once the shower is on, red water will fall from it which will be a scary experience for the person who’s standing underneath (just like in horror movies). Get ready for a good laugh as you’ll hear the person scream in horror.

5. Cockroach, Beatles and Reptiles

April Fools Day

These funny pranks may be old school but they never lose their charm. Place plastic or rubber cockroaches or bugs inside someone’s lunch box or water bottle. Even if it doesn’t scare the person it will surely gross them out. Putting rubber snakes or lizards inside someone’s bag is also an option.

If you want to go for something innovative then take printouts of pictures of cockroaches and other bugs, cut the sides accurately and stick them inside the lamp shades. When the lamp will glow, the pictures will appear like a big shadow of an insect hiding inside. People will surely freak out after seeing this.

Ps- stay ready to run.

6. Fake Poop      

Fake Poop

The easiest way to make fake poop is using a toilet paper roll. Soak the toilet paper in water and then mould it into the shape of poop using your hands. Place it on the bathroom floor or toilet seat to give your roommate or family members a nasty surprise. Make sure to use it shortly after making it as after some time the water dries up and the shape isn’t retained. You can keep sprinkling water to prevent this though.

7. Sponge Brownie

Sponge Brownie for April Fools day

Cut the sponge into square pieces and cover it with chocolate frosting. Make sure that the layer of chocolate is thick and the sides of the sponge are covered properly. You can also add sprinkles if you want. After you are done serve it on a plate with love and wait for them to take a big bite.

8. Trail of Blood

You must have seen how a trail of blood is left when a bloody, murdered body is dragged from one place to another. Create a similar trail of blood (not real blood but paint) from maybe the living room to another room of your house or apartment and while your partner will follow it with horror, you will be waiting in the room with a “Happy April Fool’s Day” sign.

9. Yogurt in moisturizer bottle

Yogurt April Fool Prank

Fill a moisturizer bottle with white yoghurt at night when your partner, roommate, sister or mother is asleep. In the morning when they wake up and plan to apply it, you know what’s going to happen. You can also fill it with mayonnaise if you want to.

10. Replace chewing gum with Play Dough

Play Dough Prank

You must have noticed how people ask you for giving them chewing gum once they see you have one. This time you can not only prank them but can also take sweet revenge. Replace the chewing gums with play dough. The texture of the dough is such that no one will be able to differentiate. Offer them when they ask for it and then Voila!

Aren’t these pranks funny? They are even cheap and easy to execute.

Do you have more creepy and funny pranks to share? Then what are you waiting for? Write about them in the comments section and we may include them in the second addition of this article next year.