The Instagram Rich List of Bollywood Stars

Instagram Rich List - Bollywood Stars Earning

Instagram has become the new place producing stars each day. There are hundreds of influencers on the platform who are giving out amazing content to keep us entertained. Well, the likes on the pictures of these influencers are in massive numbers but it does not come near to some of the Bollywood stars.

Well, if you are shocked by the number of likes and comments, the money they make through the Instagram promotional posts will stun you.

We were very curious to know how much money the highest Instagram earning Bollywood stars make and what we discovered was tremendous. So we have created a list for you to check out the same too.

#1 Priyanka Chopra

Hail the queen. Her hard work inspires us every day. @Priyankachopra, who is loved by the entire world because she rocked both Hollywood and Bollywood has a massive following of 55,200,000 users. She is the highest followed Bollywood star. Of course, she charges a massive sum of money for each post too. The estimated charge per post she takes is INR 13,569,102. Yes, our jaws dropped too when we read this. 

#2 Deepika Padukone

What do we say, she rules our hearts and our Instagram. While Priyanka is more of an Internation star now, and she lives in the USA too, @deepikapadukone is the next most followed Bollywood star. 50,700,000 people follow and get influenced by her posts on Instagram. On an estimated amount, she charges – INR 12,447,711.

Deepika is an inspiration to millions. She uses her Instagram to spread awareness about mental health too other than her life.

#3 Alia Bhatt

Let me be a little biased but isn’t she everyone’s favorite? She definitely is our favorite. Alia is the one of the youngest actresses to attain such humongous fame and success. This is reflected on her Instagram too as 48,100,000 people follow her. @aliaabhatt on an estimate charges INR 12,268,917 for her posts on Instagram and following her is worth it.

#4 Shraddha Kapoor

Her bio says she is living the dream and we agree. @shraddhakapoor is the innocent girl who befriends everyone and we love her for that. She is extremely talented and 51,000,000 Instagram users follow her to keep an update with everything she shares. On an estimate she charges INR 11,891,513 for each post she shares.

#5 Jacqueline Fernandez

This cutie is always stealing hearts. One of the cutest and the strongest women of the B-town have over 43,300,000. @jacquelinef143 made it big on her own and so we love her a little extra. Her pictures are a treat to our eyes and so she charges INR 10,609,999 on average for each post she shares on her Instagram.

#6 Akshay Kumar

You need fitness goals? You know he is the one. Being in his 50s he is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood. Fitter than some actors almost half his age. Of course Akshay Kumar is an inspiration to us. His Instagram has a following of 42,800,000. On an estimate he charges INR 10,242,122 per post. Yes, that is a massive amount, but it is also Akshay Kumar. He has an influence on almost half of the population of this country.

#7 Neha Kakkar

This self made rockstar can make you grove on her music any minute. She is as cute as amazing her music is and we can never get tired of looking at her pictures on Instagram. @nehakakkar has 42,000,000 Instagram users following her. Hold your heart because she charges INR 9,843,073 for each post.

#8 Katrina Kaif

Katrina’s beauty and her smile is to die for. She uses her Instagram to share her life as well as to promote her newly launched makeup bran KayBeauty. Being one of the most popular and the top actresses of Bollywood, she has 40,800,000 followers. @katrinakaif on an estimate charges – INR 79,740,186.

#9 Anushka Sharma

Trust us, you won’t be able to stop looking at her pictures. This amazingly beautiful woman is a terrific actress, a producer, and a gorgeous young lady. More than 39,700,000 agrees with the fact. @anushkasharma often shares snippets from her life with ViratKohli and everything else around her. She charges  INR 9,510,863 on an average for her posts.

#10 Sunny Leone

Her cuteness is just so overwhelming and her smile can win anyone’s heart. This young bubbly woman is a mother of three, an amazing wife, and one of the cutest actresses. Other than sharing the intresting pictures and stories from her life, she also promotes her makeup brand StarStruck. On an average @sunnyleone charges INR 9,164,172 per post. Her 38,100,000 followers surely love her.

#11 Shah Rukh Khan

Do we really need to say anything about King Khan? His success and the immense love people have for him is all because of his hardwork. He blesses us all by appearing on our Instagram timelines. @iamsrk is followed by 22,200,000. Being Shah Rukh Khan comes along with stunning looks and a beautiful heart. On an estimate he charges 5,523,882 per post on his Instagram.

#12 Nargis Fakhri

This gorgeous woman is not only an actress but a DJ too. This combo makes her even more interesting. She is beautiful and her Instagram account @nargisfakhri is a piece of art. On an average she charges INR 443,366.22 to share a post for her 6,900,000 followers.

#13 Salman Khan

@beingsalmankhan is sharing his life on the farm on his Instagram and it is something one should not miss. He is giving us major life goals right now. All of his 34,100,000 followers are amused by the different side he has shown recently on his Instagram. He charges INR 8,535,342 on an average for each post.

#14 Ranveer Singh

The superstar of today is a must follow. His Instagram shows the life of the heartthrob who lives with his lady love. The man of colors and supreme talent is too hard to ignore. This is how @ranveersingh has a massive following of 32,900,000 on his account. He charges INR 8,117,012 on an estimate for each post.

Also, here’s an infographic of our bollywood stars earning through their instagram accounts.

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