The Most Popular Slot Machines In Japan

The Most Popular Slot Machines In Japan

Pachinko or pachislot is the only legal kind of slot machine available in Japan. In its structure, it is a cross between a pinball and a classic video slot. During the game of patch acids, the gambler cannot receive a win with real money.

The first place among Japanese slot machines is occupied by Pachinko slots, which are based on one of the varieties of billiard strategies. The slot machine presents a series of obstacles on the screen for passing metal balls – the main objects of the game. They either fall down, disappearing from the playing field, or stop in winning positions. According to statistics, as of December 2017, there were approximately 2.73 million pachinko machines available in Japanese pachinko parlors. 

Principles Of The Game In Pachinko

  • The player must determine the size of the bets on the balls and set the speed of their movement on request.
  • As soon as one of the objects reaches a winning position, the reels begin to spin.
  • Winnings are calculated from three identical symbols on the line.
  • The appearance of two identical symbols in the chain activates one of the bonus games presented in the slot.
  • The bonus game allows you to win the third missing symbol.
  • The user can exchange balls received during the additional game for a cash prize or use them in other rounds.
  • Winning depends on the value of objects in the prize line.

There are Pachisuro and Pachislo among Japanese online pachinko slots.

Slot machines include 6 active lines. The size of payments in the interest rate is from 90 to 200. Each machine has three reels and no more than 4 characters in the chain. You cannot win more than 15 units in one round, the maximum bet is 3 units, and the largest win brings 50 units.

There are two bonus programs in the slots. One of them allows the player to earn from 400 to 711 units on continuous small wins in the process of bonus launches, and the other brings an additional 110 units.

Features of Pachisuro

Pachisuro includes three additional options:


Bonus is not credited immediately, as in other slots. If he did not fall out for several starts, he goes to the reserve (reserve) for future rounds.


The player can pick up all the reserved bonuses (renchan) at one time and win 5000 or 10000 units on them.


Before the onset of the “stock”, the player can play a certain number of rounds, regulated by the rules.

Features of Pachislo

Among the online slots, Pachislo is especially popular with Super BlackJack. It includes effective bonus games and brings especially large rewards for the combination of the three characters “7”.

Pachislo online slots are much more in demand than the original slot machines. Playing in specialized Pachislo clubs, the player must first accumulate valuable balls and then replace them with small prizes according to the rules of the apparatus. After that, the player must find a special point where it is possible to exchange the prize for money. In online slots, the user receives money immediately to the account.

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