Will the film, Laxmi Bomb Be Released On Disney+ Hotstar Instead Of The Theaters Because Of The Corononavirus Lockdown

Amid the lockdown, the movie buffs have turned to their small screen to watch movies and series on different OTT platforms. The nachos with dip have been replaced by home-made snacks, which you munch while watching the movies. Seeing the current situation, it seems like it will take a lot of time until we can actually watch movies on the big theatre screens. This is the main reason as to why many filmmakers have agreed to wait until the lockdown is over and then release their scheduled films to ensure maximized profits. Rdxhd

However, the digital platforms are trying to persuade these filmmakers to release these movies on their official OTT platform for people to watch the new films sitting on their homely couch. In the Bollywood industry, the actor who agrees with the digital platforms is the handsome hunk, Akshay Kumar.

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Sources have confirmed the news that Disney+ Hotstar are having legit conversations with the actor to obtain the release rights of the much-awaited movie, Laxmi Bomb. The movie was supposed to be released on May 22, 2020. Akshay Kumar, the director of the film- Raghava Lawrence and the producers are having a detailed discussion about the Disney+ Hotstar offer. However, the film still needs to be worked upon.

The post-production process including VFX, editing, background music, and mixing is still to be completed. The team of Laxmi Bomb is obviously working from home however, with the prolonged process of interaction, cooperation, and discussion, the work is running at a slower pace than usual. With the current pace, the filmmakers are expecting the post-production work to be done by the month of June.

Since the lockdown will be continued till May 3, who knows when theatres and public will places open up next. In this difficult scenario of social distancing, it looks like the team of the novel film will choose the option of releasing the movie on the OTT platform.

Since the actor-producer, Akshay Kumar is very well known for the potential of these digital platforms having business acumen; the actor has decided to work on the new web series titled ‘The End’. The new Amazon Prime series for which the Bollywood actor will be shooting will be an action-thriller. The news of the development was announced in the month of March. But as soon as the schedule was about to take a concrete shape, the coronavirus pandemic reached a difficult stage.

Coming back to the film, Laxmi Bomb, it is the remake of the movie titled ‘Muni 2: Kanchana. The Tamilian hit was released in the year 2011 and received a lot of positive response; this is the main reason as to why the filmmakers have decided to remake the film for the Bollywood audience. Given the circumstance, if the filmmakers decide to release the movie on the OTT platform, it will be a very wise decision. It seems that the decision making is going to take because obviously Akshay does not want the investors to incur losses.

The movie should also reach a large audience hence it is important to analyze the number of people who will be actually watching the movie. Disney+ Hotstar platform will ensure that the movie will be released worldwide however; making the movie available to the people in small-town where people will not be willing to purchase the subscription will be a problem.

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