War V/s Sky is Pink

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War, a movie which happened to be the biggest Bollywood release of this year starring the two most talented actors as well as dancers Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Also with this, Vaani Kapoor kind of makes a comeback after Befikre. Siddharth Anand directed this movie. It is produced by Aditya Chopra under his banner Yash Raj films.

The story is about an Indian officer Khalid played by Tiger shroff who is assigned to eliminate his mentor, an other senior officer Kabir played by Hritik Roshan and he has to perform everything carefully to succeed. When the two most talented RAW agents collide, it results into a lot of battles and bullets.

The storyline keeps revolving around how Kabir is believed to be an deserter but he instead is acting on an undercover mission. Khalid chases Labor but then he realises that Kabir is on a secret mission as he kept killing Rizwan’s associate their nemesis. A lot of former event takes place and in last the  intelligence agency honors Khalid posthumously for his sacrifice, while Kabir continues his undercover mission.

Sky is Pink

Priyanka Chopra recently made her comeback in Bollywood after her last release Gangajal in 2016 through The Sky is Pink. The movie is directed by Shonali Bose who has earlier directed three movies Margarita with a straw, Amu and Chittagong.

Aisha played by Zara Wasim narrates the story of her parents over the time of 25 years with her perspective. Aisha herself is suffering from a fatal disease Plumonary fibrosis. Niren and Aditi and fell in love in Delhi. They bring Aisha as baby to Great Ormond Street hospital for a bone marrow transplant and settle in London. When a radio station for London’s south Asian community puts out an appeal to raise £120,000 for little Aisha’s operation and the donations roll in a fiver here, a couple of quid there.

A quick flashback to Aisha’s teens when the family used to live back in India. By this time Niren has made a lot of money through his fast-food industry buisness and Aisha (Zaira Wasim) is a fearless, funny young woman. But in Delhi she develops pulmonary fibrosis and must decide whether to go down the route of a lung transplant which may prolong her life by 10 years. After taking several ups and downs the story reaches towards its end.

Gross collection by the movies

Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff dominated The Sky is Pink on box office even after being promoted at a much more large scale. However, the promotions didn’t transcend at the ticket window, the film opens with a mere collection of Rs 2.50 crore on its first day while War managed a collection of approximately Rs 53.55 crore on its opening. Even after being in its second week the movie war is much more dominant over The Sky is Pink on box office.

Also adding that War mostly received positive reviews from viewers and critics as well while Chopra’s movie is facing severe criticism.

As of 12th October 2019 war grossed approximately Rs 306 crore  in India itself and approximately Rs 371 crore worldwide and has become the second highest earning Bollywood movie of 2019. Among the films released this year, War is hardly facing any competition from anywhere. Even superhits like Bharat and Kabir Singh are nowhere close to War in terms of money earned. Also adding that director Siddharth Anand can make War a franchise depending on the response of audience.

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