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TorrentGalaxy Proxy/ Mirrors is one of the most popular names when it comes to torrent downloading. The website allows a user to download various files including multimedia files which are to be used for personal and home use. The website is old on the internet and has immense traffic on the web. Around millions of users visit the website in a month. On a daily basis, the website is capable of acquiring thousands of visitors across the world. This is so because of the nature of the website which allows users to access thousands of files from various categories that too for free.

The TorrentGalaxy website has as many as 25+ categories for free download. The website has such a simple interface that no one will have a problem in searching the desired content that he wants to download the file. The files are arranged in their respective categories. Also, a maximum number of files have a good pair of seeders and peers. So downloading is not an issue from this website. The categories include Anime, Books, Games, Mobile Apps, Computer Apps, Educational Books, Windows Apps, Audiobooks, Comic books, Ebooks, Magazines, Documentaries, Console Games, Mobile Games, Windows Games, Bollywood Movies, Music, SD Movies, Album Music, 2K/4K UHD Movies, Discography Music, CAM/TS Movies, Music Videos, TV shows, TV episodes, HD Movies, TV Sports and many more.

The domains of TorrentGalaxy are


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TorrentGalaxy Alternatives

As the TorrentGalaxy website, there are many domains and websites which are providing the same content. Here same content means torrent files that are available for free download by anyone across the globe. Just that, anybody who want to access the Torrent servers has to be unblocked by their ISPs, as in some countries torrent is termed as illegal, and downloading from torrent websites is prohibited/ banned by the ISPs. So in order to download any content from torrent sites you just need to have access to these websites. Otherwise, it is a miss. So below are some of the most popular torrent sites which are more or less similar to the torrent galaxy that are providing files for downloading from the torrent servers.

1. Kickass Torrents

One such site is Kickass Torrents. The domain is It is one of the biggest and oldest torrent websites on the internet from the starting time. The site has been blocked and banned many times as the content that a torrent website is providing is illegal and also the website along with the pirated data is illegal. In other words, it is an old school website (also the oldest in stated sites in this article).

The homepage of this website is very simple and no high graphics are used on the homepage which makes the website load much faster than torrentgalaxy website. Also, there are basic categories which have files arranged according to the category like Movies, TV series, Games, Softwares, Music, etc.

The latest releases are also available on this website so no need to search for the latest content on different websites. Although the website is one of the best websites for torrent downloading, due to high traffic on it faces temporary downtime and you may face a problem in accessing the website. Also, the maintenance of servers is frequent. Otherwise, it is a good website to choose media files and save them in your pc.

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2. Skytorrents

Skytorrents is pretty much similar to other torrent downloading websites but the interface is somewhat different from the others. There is no category for choosing files and you have to manually search for the desired file to download by entering the title or name of the file in the search box which is located on the very first page or the homepage of the website. It also tells you to use a VPN while downloading any file from the servers of this website. The search box ensures that you are getting quality files and no bloatware and proximity of the file to your search input is high. So downloading any content should not be a problem if you are downloading content from this website.

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3. ThePirateBay

This is also one of the oldest websites which allows you to download files through torrents. The oldest domain of the website is and it has so many options that you will download and never return back without downloading. There are many files available on the website for free downloading. The UI is one of the best till date among torrent websites.

The search results are clean and you get what you type just like torrentgalaxy site. Also adding that it is one of the most torrenting websites in the world. Although banned in some countries due to pirated content available to download most people find its way to download the content. Plus the site also features a separate column for VIP and trusted members, which is a savior by verifying what it is safe to download torrents from.

Being one of the oldest torrent sites, it is still alive in 2020, and the latest content is readily available to download. Here, you can also download old files without any problem. The health of old torrent files is found good at this website. 

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4. LimeTorrents – TorrentGalaxy Alternative

It is a torrent search engine that has a directory that contains more than 10 million torrents that may be connected or linked in another way. This number might seem big but it is a good directory to select any desired file and the probability of the file you are searching for download is high as you will find many torrent files that are present on the website and also from the other links at one place. The UI is impressive and looks good in graphical terms. Mentioning that the UI is different than what we see in the case of ThePirateBay and Kickass torrents. The content here is from different categories and you just need to search for the file by entering the name of the file in the search box and the file will be presented on the screen.   

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It is a different website than others which only focuses on Anime. This website is popular amongst the users who are anime lovers, as is only Anime friendly. Here you will find as many animes from old to the latest releases. Also adding that this site has one of the best seeder-to-leecher ratios which is difficult to find in terms of torrent sites.

The high-speed download of Anime movies and series is possible from this site which is easy for new downloaders, also displaying the content information in detail just like torrentgalaxy. Apart from being an Anime torrent site, this site also contains adult content that is not suitable for minors. So it should be avoided if anyone wants to stay away from the adult content.

Apart from this, it is a simple site to use and there is no bloatware or unrequired options.  

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6. Zooqle

It is a torrent website that is only based on TV series, TV shows, and movies. Othe categories such as games, software, and more are not available on this site. Those who like to watch movies and TV series will not be disappointed here. Content is available in high quality and for a single title, you will find many files and you have to choose from them in the search results.

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How to access a torrentgalaxy website?

As everyone knows that accessing torrent sites and downloading content from them is prohibited in many countries and if you still do this you might face legal action from Government authorities, or you might be penalized for the choice you made (for downloading through torrent sites). But on the internet, you might get access to the use of a VPN. VPN is basically a Virtual private network which enables you to bypass prohibition and make a successful connection to the banned websites. Although this might not work for everyone, and we do not take any responsibility for anything like this.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend visiting such websites or downloading content from them which have been banned due to piracy. This article is only for information and no practice has been described here.

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