Sonu Nigam Reveals That Over Hundred Artists Were Part Of The Track Sung Under The Initiative, One Nation One Voice

Sonu Nigam Reveals That Over Hundred Artists Were Part Of The Track Sung Under The Initiative, One Nation One Voice

Sonu Nigam has always been neck-deep when it comes to work but at the same time, he has always been supporting causes meant for raising awareness. A similar step was taken forward by the stunning singer to collect relief funds for the country. The singer has been trapped in Dubai due to the coronavirus pandemic for one month and has not been able to make it to India.

Nevertheless, this did not stop him from being a part of the noble cause in any way. Like always he does not choose to give excuses but be a part of what he truly desires and feels for. In collaboration with Sanjay Tandon, who is the CEO of the Indian Singers Rights Association, he managed to reach about a hundred artists from all across the country for a noble cause.

A 14-language track was knitted for spreading positivity and hope to all those Indians who are trapped within the four walls of our country and feel hopeless. This initiative was launched under the noble mission of One Nation, One voice.

Several artists were reached out for the same initiative. Ghanshyam Vaswani was approached for Sindhi music. Although the singer was disconnected for a long time from the mainstream, he has the aura for Ghazal which was required for the track. Papon was approached for the Assamese verses, whereas Bhajan Saporiji and Kailash Kher sir were approached for Kashmiri verses, considering their bold voices. Mame Khan weaved the beautiful Rajasthani verses, whereas Krishna knitted the Odia verses. Sonu Nigam also managed to include a few lines of Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, and Malayalam. All the different languages of the country joined hands to bring the people of India closer.

It is so much simpler when there is a digitally transferable background score to which all the singers can tune in to create the perfect assortment. However, Sonu Nigam chooses to create an acapella piece, where there were no instruments to support the voice of the artists. Masterpiece indeed!

He revealed that only two tracks were sent to each artist, which included one main base, a track which was created by some of the artists themselves, and second a few sounds, harmonies, and layers to beautify their voices. Absolutely no instruments were used for the song and a reference point was given to each artist about how the song should be knitted.

However, all the artists were given free space for experimenting with their voice and talent, this is what makes the song so special. The singers who did not have any sort of studio at their homes were supposed to play the acapella piece in the background. This would only ensure that the voice of every artist is in sync.

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Sonu Nigam was very cheerful to inform the media sources that even Asha Bhosle was a part of this beautiful initiative. In no small measure did her involvement give wings to the project and made it invaluable. She is eighty-six years and she still delivers her voice like a boss. With the opening verse, the song definitely received the energetic spirit to lift up Indians across the country.

Her voice will definitely make you wonder that how can someone at this age sing so beautifully and absorb all the negativities piling in our empty heads. Sonu Nigam had tears in his eyes after listening to the thirty second verse sung by the veteran singer. And we cannot agree with Sonu Nigam anymore!

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