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Who said Content writing is not rewarding?

We are here with our website, Be Curious – Depth of Knowledge where we care for the audience and provide them with the best viral stories from bollywood to hollywood, pollls, quizzes and much more. Not only this our audience can submit their favorite stuff too.

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What for the audience?

We provide variety of stuff for our audience from

  • Viral stories,
  • Best Audio Songs,
  • Best Video Songs,
  • Viral videos,
  • Entertainment news,
  • Success stories,
  • Polls,
  • Quizzes,
  • Meme and much more……

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How can it be rewarding for us?

To get reward, we have to do certain tasks and here you have to do various small tasks to get high rewards.

We reward our users with points first for doing certain stuff like creating a post, sharing a post, upvoting and much more.

It is as simple as eating a food which is in your front.

Steps to get rewards is:

  1. Firstly, go get register on the website with your details.
  2. Then browse some of the content you like.
  3. If you have anything you want to share head up to the Add Post section and create some stuff.
  4. For every post you have created you will be provided points based on the number of views and shares.
  5. Not, only this for every post you create you will be awarded 25 points.
  6. After getting enough points you can redeem them with the awards you want to.

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Points rewarded for the task:

25 Points: For creating a story or post.

5 Points:  For daily visits.

15 Points:  For publishing any other content than story.

10 Points: For referring signups. (Referral link can be found in the Profile section of the member)


Rewards are disbursed on the basis of points. For every 5 points value is 1 INR.

What are you waiting for? Go get register.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]