Maharashtrian Government Has Decided Unanimously To Permit The Bollywood Films Had Resume The Halted Schedules Of The Films

The Maharashtrian Government Has Decided Unanimously To Permit The Bollywood Films Had Resume The Halted Schedules Of The Films

An important decision was taken by the Maharashtrian government concerning the making of the film and advertisements. The government took the matter into consideration and figured out that it was much needed after the state government was facing a lot of appeals from the Bollywood industry.

Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray discussed the same with member of different boards to come down to one solution for the same. A meeting was held last week to bring all the considerations into limelight and discuss the resumption of film making for the Bollywood industry.

Gradual steps were initiated by the Government to ensure that everything takes place slowly and a novel way is paved for the film industry.  As per the guidelines, the government felt that the decision seems fin as long as the concept of social distancing is kept in mind.

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Gradual steps have been issued for the same. However, the ones who are willing to undertake filming will have to submit an application to the state government along with the details and the reason for the filming. An official said that the applications must be submitted to the Maharashtra Films, Theatre and Cultural Development Corporation at the Dadasaheb Phalke Film City, Goregaon, or at the district collectorates concerned across the state.

Once the application will be scrutinizing then the film makings will be resumed. the authority at the corporation needs to give permission and declare if the team can go with the filming process. The filming proposals will be accepted only if they are in accordance with the guidelines. The COVID-19 guidelines are laid down by the Government of India, however, there have been separate listing of guidelines for making films, campaigns or even advertisements.

The guidelines is approximately 16 pages long and addresses each and every issue. It  pertain to awareness among all stakeholders, managing coronavirus risks on the sets/studios and editing facilities, casting and artist management, production offices, trailers, tents, crowd control and physical distancing, handling of equipment, operations controls, actors and junior artistes, contestants for non-fiction shows, staffing, location departments, filming management, art department, wardrobe, on-set communication, camera, video village setup, sound and electric/grip departments. It also highlights the rules on catering and traveling.

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The rules on traveling says that traveling must be minimized with one month and there must be a 14 days compulsory quarantine after the same. This is to ensure that there is enough safety maintained.

Thus, in no small measure this means that the Government has opened up opportunities for the Bollywood industry. The daily wage earners were struggling a lot with feeding their families and such opportunities will definitely lighten up their world and lift their spirits. There was a dire need to start work for them because no one can depend on the funds for such a long time.

This initiative taken by the state government only ensures that steps are ensured to take care of the profession. At the same time, the government ensuring that the health and safety of the people do not go for a toss.

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