“Joker” – The Epic DC Movie of 2019

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Joker, directed by Todd Phillips is one of the most anticipated movies of this year. It is the most awaited movie of all times, audience has been eager to watch the movie as soon as the trailer dropped. Get the latest of news regarding Joker movie review, cast, crew, box office collection and to watch online or full download.

Joker takes you through the disturbing journey of Arthur Fleck, from being a clown & a wanna be stand- up comedian (with only one joke in his hand which is his life) to become the “JOKER“. 

Joker movie of 2019 might be the most darkest, horrifying DC movie ever. There are some scenes where you might just close your eyes. The movie begins with this incredible scene of Arthur painting his face, a clown. Gotham is in hell of a situation, riots everywhere, sanity workers on strike and its garbage in every corner and you are introduced to one of the greatest villains in the movies Joker.

The Man Who Laughs – Heath Ledger had brought something new to role, same goes for Jack Nicholson and now the exact same can be said for Joaquin Phoenix. Arthur Fleck is a damaged man both physically and mentally, barely holding back the tears with uncomfortable laughter.

Basic plot and review of movie – Joker 2019

The movie so amazingly tells the story of how Joker became what he is from where he got his manipulative characteristics and how he sustains beatings… ( Remember in Dark Knight, when Bat smashes him in police station, what he replies..?? see that scene again 🙂 It was not an ordinary talent to deliver a Joker on screen that has all Joker characteristics. Todd Phillips, well is definitely out of hangover mood. Hats off!

There were many intense scenes which were so realistic it shook me to the core. I found myself gasping in shock whilst watching the movie. The way Joaquin laughed, smiled, cried and even those intense glare he gave spoke so much emotion. It was truly magnificent seeing an actor showing the characters emotion through their eyes.

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All of the scenes are shot amazingly and makes you feel that you are a part of Arthur’s life, you feel everything that he is feeling.

This DC movie “Joker 2019” makes you realize that whatever joker did all of those hideous things were for a reason.

It is a masterpiece and should be watched by everyone, the movie is a roller-coaster ride of various emotions.

I really recommend watching this if you have a natural craving for a slow burners which shows the psychological making of an insane villain. As of now box office collection of Joker movie is approx 20 crores INR which is expected to be more.

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