Gemini Man (2019) Full Movie Synopsis

Will Smith - Gemini Man (2019) Full Movie Synopsis

Gemini Man starring Will Smith released on 11th October 2019. The director of the movie is Ang Lee who has directed blockbusters movies like Life Of Pi, Hulk and many other superhit movies on the box office. Not just this, Will Smith plays a double role in the movie, making the audience much more excited than ever.

Gemini Man (2019) full movie synopsis

Gemini Man is a Sci-fi Action thriller whose story revolves around an elite 51-year-old assassin. Henry Brogan, played by Will Smith who’s ready to call it quits after completing his 72nd job. But his plans turn upside down when a mysterious operative targets him. They seemingly predict his every move. Brogan soon learns that a younger, faster, cloned version of himself, hired by the associates tries to kill him.

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Brogan is so good that he can hit a target on a moving train from hundreds of feet away.

A target on a train whose tracks curve wildly toward the screen as it flies by at unimaginably fast speed. Brogan’s mark takes it in the neck rather than the intended headshot, and though leaving a fatal wound. Brogan sees this as the final hit of his career in this movie i.e Gemini Man. He retires, returning to a boat dock where his normal boat renting guy has been replaced by Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Brogan starts doubting all of these changes from the very first moment and gets extremely suspicious.

Lee does an amazing job on the junior. The most amazing action sequence of the movie ‘Gemini Man’ would be the motorcycle battle.

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Final words

Gemini Man knows the purpose of the audience is to see a battle of Wills, the battle of older and younger versions, so without disappointing the Audience it gives us multiple sequences where 51-year old Brogan goes toe-to-toe with his younger self. The elder Brogan has the advantage; the wisdom of age and experience prevents him from making the same youthful mistakes he once made, mistakes Junior is making for the first time. Unfortunately, the second battle takes place in a dark catacomb where the effects are so quickly edited that you can’t figure out which version is beating the hell out of the other. It also takes forever for Brogan to realize that Junior looks exactly like him. Maybe it’s the new cheekbones.

Gemini man turns out to disappoint the audience in a lot more ways than expected. The trailer showcased all of the major parts of this movie. The story is highly predictable and one can predict the story of the entire movie length right after watching the trailer. The movie moves with the same storyline as you predict in your head. The movie doesn’t have any new content even after all of the technical aspects of the movie the full script spoils everything. However, A predictable plot lets down the movie with various unrealistic scenes.

The makers have spent a lot of money on the publicity as also on the de-aging technology. But watching the film makes one wish.

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