Dhoom Director Sanjay Gadhvi Has Decided To Pen Down A Project Which Is Based On The Lockdown Situation, Targets Subtle Comedy!

Dhoom Director Sanjay Gadhvi Has Decided To Pen Down A Project Which Is Based On The Lockdown Situation, Targets Subtle Comedy

The global pandemic has led all the creative writers locking up their creative minds; however Sanjay Gadhvi is a complete exception to this. He has taken the lockdown as a challenge and decided to be the most productive one in the Bollywood industry. The Dhoom director has bene working for a while now and penning down his script along with his talented team of writers. Also check, KissAnime ru to watch the latest cartoons online for free.

The show revolves around the lockdown situation and the life of people amid the chaos. The show will be really funny and packed with fun and subtle humour. The funny story will highlight several episodes of the lockdown scenes and will have tongue-in-cheek moments. The show is set on the lighter scale to keep the people around happy and smiling.

The story will be about the human bonding curve and the director tells the media sources that his idea of the show is rooted to an inspiration from the west. The American show features dark comedy and revolves around the idea of 70s war. Imagine if a comedy show can be made from a war then a lockdown is nothing in comparison.

The lockdown backdrop will not only entertain the people but it will also be trendy with so much of pandemic news going all across the globe. The director spoke about the protagonist and the star cast. All he told the media sources was that there is only one main lead and three other supporting actors for the project. This is the only news which has brought into the limelight.

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It seems like the Dhoom director is willing to take this period as an opportunity to pen down the best he can so that post lockdown, he and his team is all ready to start FILMING with a bang. The novel idea put forward by the director of creating a comedy genre out of the pandemic and lighten the mood of the audience seems like a very good initiative and will receive a lot of positive responses.

The director has also told the media sources that in his novel project, he loves the character of the female lead. Currently, he has not spoken much about the project or its cast. All you can do is wait for the official sources to confirm the news about the same.

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