David Ayer, The Director Of Suicide Squad Has Decided To Release The Director’s Cut, Promising It To Be Better Than The Film

David Ayer, The Director Of Suicide Squad Has Decided To Release The Director’s Cut, Promising It To Be Better Than The Film

The film, Suicide Squad was penned down and directed by David Ayer and the film features Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. He told the media sources that it would be absolutely “incredibly cathartic” to finish the original version of the film of the year 2016. He believes that it is absolutely better than what the audience has seen in the past. He claims that it was the copy of the film, which was released in the theatres and he did not get any chance to showcase his vision to the lovely audience.

In the past week, the fans of DC were asking the director to release the director’s cut of the film, Suicide Squad. It seems like it is one thing that will keep them driven with some motivation amid the lockdown. The director responded to his fans saying that it can be a rumor too right? Or can it not?.

The director came out and told the sources the reason as to why the unrealised version cannot come out in the open. He told his fans that it cannot be shown on HBO Max for some reasons.

The director responded by saying that the question raised the audience completely makes sense however, the cut would be too easy to complete but it is cathartic for him. He felt that is exhausting for getting kicked out for your vision and the film he actually made will never be seen.

He responded another question and said that the cut is definitely better than what the public has seen so far. The film Suicide Squad also starred Will Smith, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman and Cara Delevingne. The film focuses on a group of DC villains who have been recruited by the secret government group to execute a mission and held with danger and they have the power to save the world from the deadly threat.

The film in no small measure was a success for the Warner Brothers however; it did receive a lot of negativity and critical response from the critics end.

The film panned by the critics could have had a sequel too, said the filmmaker. However, his idea was not taken into consideration. And everyone was dead against it because they felt that the concept would not work.  Currently there have been talks regarding the reboot of the movie, Suicide Squad. The film will be produced soon and will be directed James Gunn.

The film will be released in August 2021 die to the ground situation caused by coronavirus. However, it is not even known if the film will have to be rescheduled again. It all actually depends on the situation and how the cases all across the globe will get cured.

If thought seriously it is unknown and to expect a film to be realised anytime soon would just be like scratching your own wounds. Instead just wait for the media sources to come forward and leak the official news.

Also, do not trust the rumours that are flying regarding the release of any film, since that will be absolutely pointless.

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