Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai, Netflix Movie Review.

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai, A Netflix Original Directed By Anurag Kashyap

Written by Nihit Bhave, the movie plot is based on demonetization when Prime Minister Modi appeared on our TV screens to announce that the notes in our wallets, the precious ones saved for a special occasion and lying in envelopes under piles of clothes, or rolled up and hidden in rice boxes in kitchens were no longer valid time where notes turned into mere paper in contemporary India.

The cast is Saiyami Kher, Roshan Mathew, Amruta Shubhash, and Rajshree Deshpande.  The story begins in October 2016. ‘Choked’ hooks you with its mood and milieu. Set in a middle-class housing society where a Maharashtrian family resides in houses which are in close-knit with one another with narrowed staircases, peeling paint, and yellow walls.

Saiyami plays Sarita who is married to Sushant Pillai, played by Roshan Mathew, and they have a son named Sameer. SaiyamiKher commands the lead here as she is empowered and independent. She is the one who earns for family working as a cashier in a bank and does routine work of Sameer’s school homework. You can check for music distribution.

Sushant is jobless as he is unable to hold any job for a longer period. From being a driver for shared cab service to trying to sell insurance policies, he seems to have tried it all. Now life for him flits between playing a game of carrom with his building buddies and missing out on simple chores.

There’s also money that he owes to people who have now starting hounding Sarita for their payback. She finds it tough to reduce the financial burden off her shoulders because of which sometimes at night old memories flash in her head and choke her. One night she discovers that the clogged drain under her kitchen sink is spitting out bundles of neatly packed cash, she thinks that finally, her family’s financial woes will see an end. But will it? They fought over the choked sink in their house because of which she faces trouble.

One-night Sarita stumbles upon bundles of notes spurting out of their choked drain pipe, it feels as her problem will end soon. Hiding this from Shushant. She starts stuffing the notes in careful corners of the house. Suddenly, with the government announcing demonization, Sarita’s plans take an unexpected turn. Her world turned upside down.

Being the strong woman to playing the anxious scenes pulls it off easily. Roshan Mathew is impressive as an insecure husband. If gone wrong, the character would have looked a caricature but Roshan deals it with enough maturity and sincerity. Their relationship is realistic. Their society has kitty parties and gossip ladies and spying neighbors like any society.

The first hour of Choked: Paisa bolta hai netflix movie is tightly-paced with a compelling background score, detailed ambiance, and well-defined characters that keeps you invested.

It is interesting to see how the songs are placed. The writing is finely layered which helps bring to life the characters and the high moments in the film. And the dialogues add to the spark. Choked struggles to maintain that initial tempo and slows down after a point. The background score (Karsh Kale), sound design (Gautam Nair), and cinematography (Sylvester Fonseca) set the mood brilliantly.

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