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Bard of Blood – The Spy Thriller Netflix Series

Bard of Blood - The Spy Thriller Netflix Series

After launching lot of successful Indian web series with an intriguing content like sacred games, Delhi crime etc. Netflix comes back with another spy thriller Indian web series named “Bard of blood“. Based on espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqui, released on 27th September.

Audience has been eager to watch the series as soon as the trailer released because of the talented multi-starrer cast. Sharukh khan‘s red chilli entertainment produced this Netflix web-series, Bard of Blood. Among one of the reason of all hype about the series everywhere over the internet. However, leaked online within days of release by tamilrockers, filmywap, movierulz this series is worth watching.

Episodes titles

Bard of blood is a spy action thriller web series with 7 episodes of duration 40 to 50 minutes each. They are

1“What’s Past is Prologue”
2“When Sorrows Come, They Come Not Single Spies, but in Battalions”
3“So Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion”
4“Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None”
5“Fight Fire With Fire”
6“Heat Not a Furnace for Your Foe So Hot That It Do Singe Yourself”
7“My Stronger Guilt Defeats My Strong Intent”

Star cast of Bard of Blood, Netflix web-series

The web series stars lot of talented yet underrated actors like

and other co-actors of Bollywood.

Role plays of lead actors in Bard of blood web-series

Kabir Singh is an excommunicated IIW (Indian Intelligence Wing). He currently works as a professor at Mumbai’s Shakespeare.

Isha Khanna, an analyst of IIW or the mind of mission. From decoding codes to cracking clues Isha is the most brilliant member of the team. Isha’s dream is to fight on the battlefield despite of her gender. She wants to do something out of line with her life. She didn’t disappoint the audience even after the ditzy character she played.

Veer Singh is an Indian spy working with the IIW stationed in Afghanistan. Although he has been forgotten by the agency back in India. Despite him sending weekly reports of the drug trail he is following. Carim theory moves forward with various twists and turns.

Sadiq sheikh’s characters comes out as a extremely protective and caring person towards its team co-members. He is an IIW’s director who brings Kabir singh for a mission.

Bard of Blood trailer

Story line of series Bard of Blood

The series is based on the novel which dates back to 2015, and things were like that time. However, it’s not the same now. While on a contrary it shows how reluctant Indian government is about people lives, which might affect or hurt some people’s sentiments.

The story of the Bard of Blood, series revolves around an excommunicated IIW (Indian Intelligence Wing) agent Kabir Anand, currently working as a professor at Mumbai’s Shakespeare. IIW’S special director Sadiq sheikh believes that Kabir Anand, the most loyal patriot is one who can bring back the four under hostage IIW agents locked by Taliban.

A team of three i.e Kabir Anand, Isha khanna and Vineet Kumar, set out to rescue the hostages in Balochistan.

Netflix has spent a lot of money while making this series. However, Beautiful locations of Afghanistan has been shown too, the cinematography is amazing. Netflix series sticks to its genre throughout the seven episodes, with no funny elements involved.

Final words

The initial episodes are boring as the story line moves with a slow pace preparing a build-up. So, one has got to be patience while watching the series.

Unlike sacred games or other series, Bard of Blood doesn’t showcase any nudity or the use of abusive language. This web series highlights depiction of Indian government who doesn’t care about the lives of the Indian agents. Some questions were enlightened since start. They include who is the agent of IIW? Who is betraying its own country helps in grabbing the attention of Audience? The past life of Kabir Anand, the full-pack action scenes, the one-liners and the cast makes it worth watching.

However, the characters played really well but there is still a need of character development. The emotional content could’ve used some work too. In short, It could’ve been much more emotionally stronger.


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Written by Tanisha Goyal

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