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9xmovies 9xmovie 2020: This search on google might have taken you here. If yes, then you are here in search of 9xmovies latest URL. At first, do remember 9xmovies.net, 9xmovie, 9x movies, 9x movie or 9xmovies.in, biz, 9xmovies.com, Hindi Dubbed 300mb movie download etc. are all same.

9xmovie Bollywood movies download is so much popular among everyone just like 9xmovies web series download.

Not only this HD Tamil and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies are also available on 9x movies website.

The category which makes it special is the 300mb movie download section. 9x movie provides Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Hindi Dubbed movies are available in the size of 300mb download.

So, lets’s learn about this website more.

9xmovies.in 9xmovie 9x movies 9x movie 2020

9xmovies.in the popular and the original domain of 9xmovie 2020 website. However, you might not be able to find it in google searches.

But, why it is not visible in searches?

The answer is simple, it is an illegal website. Illegal in the sense that 9xmovies.com is an illegal distributor of HD Bollywood movies download and watch online.

9x movies 2020 have made their presence since 2015 as an illegal distributor.

As per the website, Alex Morgan is the owner of this website. However, in our view it is just a fake name used to operate these works on 9xmovie or 9xmovies.

Many movies and web-series show that to do work you require identity. But, it is not possible in this type of profession.

The fear of getting caught sustains user to hide their identity. You cant publically say “Hey! we leak the latest Bollywood movies. Come and download them”. They will put you in jail and lock you up.

Various high profile illegal distributors got caught and are spending the rest of their life in jail. So, don’t do something illegal. Someday, you will definitely be caught and punished.

That’s been like a lecture. Phew! Let’s move forward for 9xmovies.com.

We will start off by giving some important information about the 9xmovie biz website.

Some of the categories of 9xmovies 2020

Everyone loves variety. So, as 9xmovies press users also. The members of this website take care of that. There are various categories on 9xfilms 2020 website.

All available categories of 9xmovies 300mb movies website.

  1. 300mb movies
  2. 3D movies
  3. ALTBalaji Tv Shows
  4. Assamese Movies
  5. Bengali Movies
  6. Bhojpuri movies
  7. Bollywood movies
  8. Dual Audio
  9. Gujarati Movies
  10. Malayalam Movies
  11. Tamil Movies
  12. Telugu Movies
  13. Netflix Web-Series
  14. Ullu web series
  15. Zee5 web series

There are many more 9xmovie webseries download available. But, we have listed only the important categories of 9xmovies.in website

Some might search online for 9xmovies.press or 9xmovies.org or 9xmovies biz or 9xmovies hindi dubbed but all are the same websites.

Why the government has not banned 9xmovies biz?

The Government of India has banned all of the illegal sites. But, websites like 9xmovie backs up with a new domain. And, in the internet field, a new domain is a newborn.

However, the owners of 9xmovies.press are not caught up like the owners of tamilrockers. But, the Government of India is trying their best.

Some of the domains blocked include “9xmovies.in, 9xmovies.org, 9xmovies.today, 9xmovies.to, 9xmovies.group, 9xmovies.net, 9xmovie 300mb, etc.” But, who knows what they are planning.

9xmovies latest working url of 2020 is “https://9xmovies.group/”. If you are thinking to visit 9xmovie 300mb movies download website. Then, you might need to read our next paragraph.

Is 9xmovie 300mb movie download safe?

No! It is not only for 9xmovie 300mb movies but any kind of 9xfilms Bollywood movies is also illegal. You might be punished for downloading any illegal content.

Rather than illegal, there are various reports stating that these websites steal their user’s data. Now, you are thinking that so, “what’s the problem?”.

Your sensitive data is being stolen by 9xmovie and you don’t know its effect. You might don’t know but your bank balance can be from lakh to zero in a single second. There are many cases which can be read here.

So, you need to worry. Avoid using these websites and look for some great alternatives.

Let me make something clear that we are not doing any type of promotion of any services. All is for the sake of our readers.

9xmovies.com latest movies

300mb films are too much popular on the internet. Whether it is a Bollywood 300mb movie or Hollywood Hindi Dubbed 300mb movies. 9xmovies.com will provide you all of these movies.

So, what are the latest movies leaked at 9xmovies.com or 9xmoves 2020 website?

9xmovies Hindi dubbed category of 9xfilms include “ismart shankar”, “vijetha”, “Ghatak raat”, Dharam Kantha”, “No. 1 Mr. perfect”, etc. You can see most of the movies are 9xmovie Tamil movies.

Under the section of 9xmovie Bollywood Movies, we can see some popular movies like Dream Girl, Tanhaji Full movie download, Street Dancer 3D movie, Padmavati, Singham Returns, Shimla Mirchi movie, etc. All of the movies are 9xmovie latest movies for 9xmovies.press

For 9xmovie 300mb download category, they have all of the Tamil or Telugu movies. The category is also known as 9xmovie films downoad.

9x movies or 9x movie benefits

If, 9x movies are popular among peoples. Then, there will be some points behind it. What are they?

  1. 9x movies is a free website but we can’t ignore the “illegal” word
  2. 9x movie biz doesn’t demand any registration or sign up for 300mb movie download.
  3. 9xmovies.in provides the fastest servers to download Bollywood movies in HD quality and high speed too.
  4. 9xmovies.press claims to not steal data of users. But, we can’t trust them. They can do anything to earn some money and monetize the website.
  5. 9xmovies Hindi Dubbed category is the most famous category and contains the latest Hollywood movies download links.

The most popular feature of the 9xmovies.in website is that it is really very easy to find Bollywood 300mb films and Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed.

9xmovies.to Disadvantages

9xmovies.to (9xmovie) is popular among tv series download category. Their list of updated HD Bollywood movies and web series download is good.

But, there are many loopholes on this website which ultimately results in the decline of 9xmovies. What are they?

  • First one, 9x movies illegally distributes HD Bollywood movies and web series download.
  • Secondly, 9xmovies.to is banned by various countries for providing HD Hollywood movies in Hindi Dubbed Download.
  • Moreover, there are various unwanted third party advertisements in the form of pop-ups and pop-under ads.
  • 9xmovie 300mb list is not much powerful just like other websites.
  • 9xfilms downloading can put you in danger of phishing and hacking.

These are some of the dangers you can face when downloading HD movies from 9xmovies.press domain.

How to stay safe while browsing 9xmovies.net or 9xmovie?

9xmovies.net is only another domain name of the same distributor i.e 9xmovies biz. They all will take you to same Bollywood movie download website.

You must know that they all are illegal distributors and you can face danger while browsing these websites.

But, if you have decided to move towards these websites. Then you must take care of these things.

  1. Make sure your adblocker is on when you visit 9xmovies.net 9xmovie site.
  2. Secondly, always use VPN networks or online proxy networks while browsing 9xmovies.in or 9x movie sites.
  3. 9xmovis Bollywood HD download movies can have some tricky “download now” images. Make sure, you don’t click them.
  4. You must double-check while entering any sensitive information on websites like 9xmov or 9xmovies.net. In our opinion, you must skip entering any sensitive information on illegal websites.
  5. If 9xmovie asks for any email address signup, you must use disposable mail address.

These techniques are not full proof but lower the risk of data steal by websites like 9xmovies.org

Wrapping up

So, we are now at the end of the article on 9xmovie – Bollywood movie download site. I hope you might have learned some important things to take care of.

In short, 9xmovies biz provide Bollywood Hollywood Tamil Hindi Dubbed movies for free download. It is known with different names and domains like 9xmovie, 9xmovie.org, 9xmovies.com, 9xmovies biz, 9xmovies press, 9xmovies.net and a lot more.

But, all of them have a single owner operating behind these networks.


We, at Be Curious – Depth of Knowledge believe that stealing is a very offensive work. With stealing we refer to online piracy. We stand with our Bollywood movie actors/actresses and also suggest our readers to use only legal ways.

With this article, we are not promoting any of the illegal/legal Bollywood movie download website.