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9xmovies 2019 website: A new movie is published every day, whether it is a Bollywood cinema or a Hollywood cinema. It is not possible for every person to visit the theater and spend money watching every South Indian Tamil or Telugu films. This gives the rise to the piracy websites like 9xmovies 2019 or popularly called the 9xmovie movie download website. If you are searching for these terms 9xmovies, 9xmovies 2019, 9xmovies movies download, 9xmovies Bollywood movies download, Bollywood movies 2019 download, 9xmovies Punjabi movies download, Hollywood dubbed movies download,, 9xmovies new movies download, 9xmovies movies 2018. You are at the right place. We will cover every information regarding this website. have made their footprint in this piracy world through leaking latest HD Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil Hindi Dubbed movies, Web series in different qualities i.e 300mb, 480p, 720p and even 1080p too for free download.

After the cost reduction of the data packs by internet service providers. However, Download of Free Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Download & Watch Online from 9xmovies 2019 or full movies increased rapidly. Let’s dig into deep of this piracy 9xmovie information.

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Brief information on 2019 website

9xmovies 2019 website is a popular illegal distributor of different HD Hindi Dubbed, Bollywood movies and web-series for free download. They also provide 300mb dual audio movies for free download.

However, there are a number of pop-ups advertisements on this website which leads to the reduced security of their users. According to their site registration domain names such as 9xmovie 2019, 9xmovies,, and is from 2015 in this field of illegal movie piracy.

According to the About us page, Alex Morgan from France, in the European Union is the director and co-founder of 9xmovies or 9xmovie. It is totally fake according to us as “a thief never says he is a thief”.

The working domain of 9xmovies website in 2019 300mb movies is

Which type of movies is available on 9xmovie in 2019?

What’s good than a plate of different items? Since 9xmovies is a public movie download website, thousands of HD Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies, web-series are available for free download and watch online.

9xmovies or website available categories such as HD Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies, web-series

Available movie categories for downloading on 9xmovie 2019 are:

1). 1080p Movies

1080p is a movie quality that is considered to be of the highest quality print. 9xmovie website provides many Bollywood and Hollywood movies in this video format. The best format to watch movies on big Led TV screens and with good clarity.

2). 300MB Movies

One of my favorite size in quality. In 300mb movie size you can get the best movie print without any problem. Sometimes you can even get the best print. 300mb movies are best for mobile phones and smartphones due to low screen size.

3). Assamese Movies

Assamese is a popular language spoken in Assam just like the Hindi in India. And guess there is a separate category of Assamese movies on this 9xmovie website. If you want to download movies in Assamese movies, head over to this category.

4). Bollywood Movies

One of the best movies category you can watch or download. Under this category, you can see various movies of famous Indian actors and actresses.

5). Dual Audio

Sometimes, a movie is released in two languages either Hindi-English or Hindi-Tamil. Under this category, you can see these types of movies. To change the audio in your player just go to audio settings and change the language.

6). Gujarati Movies

Just like the Assamese, Gujarati is also a language mostly used in Gujarat and native places. If you want to download Gujarati movies browse to this section.

7). Hindi Dubbed

If a Hollywood or South Indian movie is dubbed in Hindi language, it will be available under this category. Popular movies are sorted and are categorized under this section.

8). Hollywood Movies

Just like Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies of different Hollywood actors are available under this section. Movies like Joker, Ant-man, Avengers, Thor, etc are available under this category.

9). Malayalam Movies

Another category is for Malayalam peoples i.e Malayalam movies. Browse to this section of the website to see movies in the Malayalam language.

10). Marathi Movies

If you love watching Marathi movies this section is made for you. Head up to this section and browse your favorite movie.

11). Pakistani Movies

Just like Indian movies, Pakistani movies are available on this website for countries like Pakistan and Saudi areas.

12). Pre Release

This category is most popular as under this category you can sometimes get movies before its release. It is not very common as only some of the movies are leaked before release. many people keep eyes under this category.

13). Punjabi Movies

Want to watch Punjabi movies? You will love this section as all the Punjabi movies are available in this section.

14). Tamil Movies

South Indian language and the most action movies are made in Tamil language and popular Tamil movies are available in this category.

15). Telugu Movies

Languages released in the Telugu language are available under this section. This is the same as the Tamil movies and the most popular watched section.

16). Different Trailer

Popular Bollywood, South Indian and Hollywood movie trailers are available in this category of the website. You can watch online movie trailers and even download them.

17). TV Shows

Television shows like Bigg boss (Tamil or Hindi version), Kumkum bhagya, The Kapil Sharma Show, and many more are available under this category.

18). WEB Series

A quickly emerging category is web series and this website provides all of the web series. It can be of any publisher like Amazon, Netflix, you will find it on the very next day.

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What makes special is the 300mb movies category of this 9xmovie website. We always search for more in low. This is one of the best examples of its popularity.

According to a recent study 85% of the global internet users uses google for download movie from pirated sources.

How to quickly download movie from 9xmovie 300mb site in 2019?

Downloading movies from 9xmovies is as simple as eating an apple from a basket. If you want to download 300mb movies from 9xmovie latest URL then follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you have to select your favorite category of the movie which you seek to download.
  • Secondly, browse to the movie which you want to download or watch online.
  • Then, click on the download button on the bottom of the page which will take you to the next step of downloading.

You will see a different number of link addresses from which you can download. Select any one of the available links and make your downloading start in no time.

You can view these movies downloaded from 9xmovies or on the big screen. Not only this, low-quality movies for mobile devices are also available to download in 2019.

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Is downloading a movie from 9xmovies or 9xmovie websites illegal in 2019?

Yes! It is illegal to download movies from pirated sites like 9xmovies, 2019, tamilrockers, filmyzilla, desiremovies, etc. Because these illegal websites affect the income generated by the movie production company. If one gets a movie for free download then why will he pay for watching the same movie in costly cinema halls? The government imposed a ban on these movie websites but they change their domain name and are back in business.

Downloading from the sources such as Hotstar, Voot, Netflix, Sony Liv, Jio cinema or any other paid services is legal to watch online.

Take an oath with Varun Dhawan, and stop watching pirated stuff on the internet.

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Merits and Demerits of download movie from

If you are looking forward to this website for downloading your favorite movie or web-series from 9xmovies or 9xmovie in 2019 then you must know its merits and demerits.

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Merits of downloading the movie:

  • 9xmovies is a free downloading source for any type of Tamil, Telugu movies and web-series, etc.
  • No registration or sign up is required for downloading movies on this 9xmovie URL.
  • Fast speed of downloading different movies through google drive.
  • Pre-release movies of 2019 are also available on 9xmovies.

Demerits of downloading the movie:

  • Piracy sources of movies are illegal and banned by the government.
  • You can even be tracked by the agencies when downloading movies from illegal sources such as 9xmovies.
  • There is a number of various unwanted popups and ads on 9xmovie which can harm your device.

The technology used by website – Download HD Bollywood Hollywood movies for free

Maintaining a piracy website requires too much security from getting exposed. We get the most important thing about them i.e 9xmovies operate from Maharastra, India from their whois lookup of the domain. Here is a list of some of the technologies this website uses to get rid of exposure.

  • Using cloud flare as name-servers of the domain for SSL certificate and gaining visibility without exposure.
  • 9xmovies domain name is purchased from which gives lifetime protection from whois domain lookup. It is really very important in maintaining secrecy.
  • They do not use any of the social traffic which can lead to danger for them. All the traffic is direct or organic from google.
  • or 9xmovie 2019 uses WordPress CMS as their management system with all in one SEO plugin to boost visibility.

How 9xmovies maintain their presence on Google?

For maintaining a presence on google there are some of the tactics they use. Here are some points which will make your doubt clear.

1. Quickly change domain name after blocked by the government

If one of their domains is blocked by the government, they are back into business with a new domain name. However, Some of the blocked domain names are 9xmovies.proxy 9xmovies.wp. Their latest domain is which is currently running smoothly and perfectly.

2. Attracting visitors

9xmovies have made their presence from 2015 and crossed nearly billions of pageviews which helped them in making this name a brand in terms of piracy website. There are also others in a competition such as desiremovies, katmovieHD, moviesbaba, moviescounter, filmyzilla, tamilrockers,, etc. There are 40 lakh+ searches of this keyword on google every month which is really a big number.

3. Making out the costs and expenses

If you are a blogger and have a website, you know the expenses to maintain a website globally with such a great number. There are several expenses in website management. Moreover, it is a piracy website, they have to renew their domain more often.

How can they do that? The answer is an advertisement. No, they don’t use Google Adsense advertising as it will never approve websites like 9xmovies. They use different popup ads and pop-under ads. Some of these ad networks are onclickads, propeller ads, Revenue Hits, etc.

There are millions of page views per day of website, so it can earn million of a rupee per month. They can easily buy premium web hosting, purchase a new domain, attract more visitors, etc.

Search volume of 9xmovies keyword in 2019

4. From where do they get these movies for free download

You can’t even wonder where do they leak movies illegally. You will wonder if I say that you can only use 5% of the total internet system. Yes! That’s true. Darknet is another topic that will take us to another article. For just simplicity, do remember 9xmovies capture movies in their video cam or any other instrument secretly and uploads them on the internet through various secret link providers. However, the other way is that they copy the source from other piracy websites or torrent websites and uploads them on their server.

We all know money is bigger than anything. So, anyone can do this to earn money. We, do think that they have some internal resources which help them to leak movies in a percentage of their revenue.

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Blocked Domain names of 9kmovies 2019 website

Starting from the latest blocked domains let’s take a look at all the blocked domain of 9xmovies website.

1). website whois information in 2019

This is the official domain of the 9xmovies website as stated by themselves. The domain was registered on 26 Feb 2015. But when it was penalized by google it was no longer available on search results but whenever you type it in google you are redirected to its current latest website.

2). Godaddy

It is the most popular domain extension but the 9xmovies website was never operational on this address as it is priced too high for a normal user. You can see the price of this domain in the below image. So, whoever says that they operate on this domain is wrong.

3). blocked by government

It is another domain extension of the 9xmovies website. But, when you browse towards this website it is blocked. You will see a Dot compliance banner while visiting the website which is a very common issue for this piracy website.

4). server error

It was the previous operational domain of the official website but now it does not point anywhere. All you will see is a server error on this website. This domain was registered in the month of March 2019 and see it was quickly down.

5). listed for sale

Some websites claim that it is a domain of official website but no it is not. This domain is available for purchase. Who can say that this can be the future domain of the official 9xmovies website? But the price of this domain is too much.

These are some of the copy sites available of this 9x movie websites some of them are:

Is blocked in your country?

After imposing a ban on websites like 9xmovies by the government of India. You might see a window telling that this website is blocked in accordance with the government rules and allegations. How then it is accessible? People visit here with the help of a VPN or other virtual servers. The best among all the VPNs is the Hola VPN extension for chrome which quickly unblocks any blocked website. There are others too in the same business such as Tor Vpn, Hide my ass, etc. So, do remember, we do not promote any of these Vpn. It is only for information and educational purpose.

How to unblock 9xmovies website in 2019 with Hola VPN extension

Are you among the ones who see dot compliance banner when trying to visit a website od 9xmovies in 2019? Do not worry, it is my personal method to brose any of the website with Hola extension. Follow my steps:

1). Download and Install Hola Vpn extension in Google Chrome

The first step is to download the Hola VPN extension from the google extensions page or web store and install it. Here are the steps for downloading the Hola extension app. (Direct link of Hola extension)

Add Hola Extension to your google desktop by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Hola Free VPN on Google web store

Click on the “Add extension” button.

Add Hola Vpn extension

Hola extension will be added to your google extensions bar

Hola VPN added to google chrome

2). Browse the website and unblock it

Whenever you visit a blocked website this extension will automatically pop up and will unblock the website. If not unblocked then try another region to unblock the same website.

I hope this information helps.

Similar piracy website like or 9xmovie 2019

9xmovies is not only a single website that provides movie download links. There are various in the same business of film piracy. However, some of the piracy movie websites are Desiremovies, Filmywap, cinevood, putlockertv, seehd, katmoviehd, babahd, moviesbay, moviesevil, gomovies, ssrmovies and movies4me. All of these are popular in providing HD download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies for free.

Some of the most famous piracy movie download websites are:

1). Tamilrockers – Most famous illegal distributor

Tamilrockers was launched in 20102 and it becomes one of the oldest and piracy movie websites in 2019. You can even see various results of this website on Google but all are fake. The original website of Tamilrockers is penalized by most of the search engines.

2). Filmywap movies website

Another one after Tamilrockers is filmywap. Filmywap came into the competition with unique low size movies for small smartphones. With this unique thing, it became popular in no time. But who goes up quickly falls quickly. The same happened with Filmywap movies. The original website was removed from the search results and no one knows which one is the original website.

3). Movierulz website

Another South Indian movie torrent website. This website illegally distributes torrent of South Indian movies and guess what? It is still operational and one can easily download torrent files of movies.

4). KatmovieHD

The website provides only Hollywood movies. KatmovieHD illegally distributes all of the Hollywood movies but not so popular, it is also fully functional. This is the only website that is making money from the Googe AdSense network. Yes! the biggest publisher in the world.

Latest 9xmovie 2019 movies and web-series

Leaking of Bollywood, Hollywood movies and web series directly influences the revenue of the producers. Making a name in leaking movie websites, few recent leaks by 9xmovie among them are:

In Bollywood movies category they are “Made in China”, “War”, “Sky is Pink”, “Dream Girl”, “Kabir Singh”, “Section 375”, “Chichoore”, “Saaho”, “Mission Mangal”, “Batla House” “Super 30″and much more.

Under Download Hollywood movies and Hindi dubbed category, some leaks by 9xmovie 2019 are “Gemini Man”, “Child’s Play, “It – Chapter 2”, “Toy Story 4”, “Anna”, “Maze Runner”, “X-Men Dark Phoenix” and much more.

In web-series and 300mb movies category “Sacred games 2”, “Mirzapur”, “Unbelievable”, “Mission over mars”, “Jamai 2.0”, “The girl named Feriha”, “The Spy” and more are available.

In Telugu or Tamil movies of Dual Audio categories of 9xmovie, some movies are “Seemathurai”, “Sevapu Manjal Pachai”, Nerkonda Parvai”, “Kolanji 2019” and more.

9xmovies Android app and Telegram channel download

Not only with the help of websites, but are also spreading the chain of movie piracy with the help of public messenger Telegram and even an android application. Their android application does not have any of the popups like 9xmovies but they earn more money with the help of the Google Admob ads generating more and guaranteed income than the pop-up advertisement.

While using these sources, the fear of ban and duplicate sites of 9xmovies is reduced also. But! Film piracy is piracy which affects badly to anyone whether it is a producer or an actor of that film.

9xmovies official android app

With their official android app launched on 31/06/2019 9xmovies are securing its customers. There is a fear of website ban or penalization so, they have taken this step of the android app. The initial version of the app is v1.0 and v1.1 is under preparation stage. The steps of “How to download 9xmovies android app” are also provided on its page. You can view images of this android application below.

Views on 9xmovies official android app:

  • This android application is nothing but a simple browser in which its website is automatically opened.
  • There are no pop-under ads in this apk.
  • If you click on the download button it opens in another web browser for download. The movies do not download in the 9xmovies app.
  • Don’t give permission to this app as it can hack your phone and steal your personal information.

9xmovies official telegram channel

9xmovies telegram channel
9xmovies telegram channel

Just like the android app, there is also a telegram channel of 9xmovies i.e @ninexmovies Pretty interesting. There are 6.2k members of this channel which is quite low. They post new movies link on this telegram channel and play a smart trick. The change in customer interests ends with the direct availability of movie links. The channel is not operational after 2nd November.


In short, we present a brief about the illegal distributor i.e. or 9xmovie 2019. So, here are some of the key points to make the briefing of the article.

  • or 9xmovie 2019 is an illegal distributor of movies. Which makes it illegal for downloading any Bollywood movies or watch online.
  • There is no registration or sign up required for downloading movies from these websites.
  • Though downloading from any of the illegal sites can put you in danger. Always use legal ways to download and watch movies.
  • and other piracy websites do not leak their secrecy to prevent themselves from the government.
  • However, there are millions of traffic per month on this website which makes it quite popular.
  • For money piracy websites uses popup ads rather than Google Adsense advertisement.

Do not download any of the Bollywood or Hollywood or Tamil Hindi Dubbed 300mb movies from their illegal distributors


Piracy is a punishable offence

Be Curious – Depth of Knowledge does not support any of the pirated movie websites and will not in the future. It is only for informative and educational use. If you feel disappointed with the article to contact us and we will remove it. If you have any of the news available of 9xmovie and 9xmovie 2019 drop them in comments for the audience.

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